I begin this on Easter also known as Ostara for those practicing earth based religions.  This time of year, so close to the beginning of Spring, is a good to begin new things.  It is traditional in many of the world’s religions and cultures to begin new things during Spring.  It is also traditional to do “Spring Cleaning.”  Why not do your Spring cleaning holistically.  Body, mind and spirit is of course the holistic way.  So we clean body, mind and spirit, as well as perhaps our homes during this season. 

There are a wide variety of effective and excellent ways to clean the body, to detox.  I have myself utilized a variety of ways and found them all helpful.  Choose one you prefer or here is one that is, I think, a good way to begin your new balanced, holistic lifestyle.


3 Day cleansing semi-fast


You will for 3 days mainly, eat only fruits, vegetables, juices.  Choose all organic if at all possible.  You will have 3 meals a day.  Breakfast will be lots of fresh, organic juice (pick one you like), a glass of water with juice of one lemon and organic fruit.  Lunch will be a large salad of fresh, organic vegetables, with perhaps some extra virgin olive oil or flax seed oil, and fresh squeezed lemon juice and again fruit juice.  At dinner you have again the salad as in lunch, cooked vegetables, and a small piece of high quality meat, fish, or you can have beans or legumes.

Do not include any processed foods and limit even your herbs and spices.  Salt is not to be used.  You can use a little pepper, if you choose.  No grains or breads.  Remember this is just for 3 days.

During this time, meditate each morning and again in the evening.  Take a hot bath with Epson salt and add perhaps some essential oil fragrance, such as lavender while listening to soothing music such as New Age music.

Keep your thoughts as positive as possible.  If you get negative thoughts, remember your resolve during these 3 days, and change to positive ones quickly.  You may have many negative thoughts during this time as you are releasing wastes, holistically as well.  So changing to positive thoughts will be challenging at times.  

At the end of the 3 days, rejoice and feel powerful. Celebrate!  You have started your new lifestyle.  You have made a beginning.  Reward yourself in some way for doing this.  You may have cravings for unhealthy foods.  That is okay for now.  Just try to keep it to one day or even one meal.  You will begin now a healthy food plan, but it will include much more than the 3 day semi-fast. You can still have the unhealthy foods.  It is just that you will relearn or perhaps learn for the first time that eating healthy foods is so much more satisfying then junk food.

  I welcome all your comments, suggestions and questions.

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