30 Day Program: Week 1 Day 1

Today I begin publishing here my 2nd book which is still in progress, but which I will name probably "Daily Weight & Life Management Diary."  Each day starts with a morning meditation.  Of course, the meditation could be used anytime during the day or evening whichever is most convenient.  It is important, however, to do this every day, at least for the first 30 days, because this is a way of reprogramming yourself for a healthier lifestyle.  And when you have a healthy lifestyle, your weight will automatically stay within the healthiest range for you.  To prove this to yourself, take a current picture and when you follow the program after 30 to 60 days, take another picture.  You will see quite a difference.  This is important because the changes are gradual, and thus they are lasting.  Quick weight loss usually doesn’t last.  So here, my friends,  is the first day of the first week. In the first part you will look at yourself in a full mirror.  Then lie down in a quite place,  and relax totally by taking deep breathes.  Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a beautiful setting.  When you are ready, read the following to yourself, taking it into your body, mind and soul. (Of course you could record this and just relax as you listen to it.)





Look into a mirror.  Best would be a full length mirror but any mirror will do.  Look into your eyes.  Say this to yourself:  “you have chosen to listen to others who told you lies in the past.  Some of the lies were that you were less than, not quite right, this or that whatever the negative thing was whatever those things were that felt bad. Perhaps you have told lies to yourself.  They were  all lies, and on a deep level, you know that.  Those people who you listened to were wrong.  Now I am going to tell you the truth.  The truth is you are a miracle a wonderful creation of the universe that has never been before and never will be again.  You are perfect just as you are.  Look deep into your eyes and see the beauty, the wisdom, the knowledge, the creativity and all the love there is.  You have within you the wisdom of the ages.  You contain like a shell of the ocean the sound of the universe.  Listen to your sound.  See your beauty.  Know that you have an answer, a way.  This answer, this way, this sound is something that has never been done before and no one else can replicate it.  Now it is time.  Now is the time for you to do it, to say it, to be it.  Now is the time. 

Now, find a quiet place, relax , and breathe and implan the following into your body, your mind, your infinite spirit:

You have chosen now to love this miracle that you just witnessed standing before you, a unique creature of the universe.  You love her/him, you honor and you respect this miracle.  You allow, you finally allow it to be whatever it was born to be and to do and to say.  You don’t have to think what it is. The answer to this comes, if not momentarily it will come to you eventually.  You feel it.  Deep within, you feel the wonderful satisfying feeling, the best feeling you have ever felt.  You are deeply satisfied and happy as you begin this day, your first day to do and say and be whoever whatever it is that you have come to do or say or be.  Now go forth and do it.  And oh, while doing it, please just take a few minutes to write below what you eat and drink after you ate or drank it and what exercise you chose for the day, if you decide to exercise today.
The diary continues with a place to write down all the foods one eats and the type and duration of physical activity one chooses for the day.
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