30 Day Program: Week 1 Day 2





Today, you will sit in your quiet place to do this meditation, whether indoors or outside: as long as it is a place where you feel comfortable and safe and free to do the morning meditation.


First congratulate yourself for completing the first day and getting here to the second. Be happy with yourself.  You’ve taken huge steps even though you may feel you’ve just begun.  Allowing yourself to relax into that idea and breathe into it, you know and see huge things, big results come from small baby steps taken.  You just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You know that there is no need to rush.  You know you can proceed at your own, comfortable place.  

And now while you relax and breathe deeply, you remember that you are a unique, beautiful, and powerful soul.  Yes, not only are you unique and beautiful, you are also powerful.  You have the power to become your best and highest self.  Each of us is destined to become something wonderful, but in different ways.  But all of those different ways, different paths have one thing in common; they will all be of benefit to ourselves and to others.  And certainly in order to be beneficial to others, or to be of service, one must be in the best health one can be.  You will of course have times of illness but what is in your control is the fact that you can be satisfied to nourish yourself wisely, to get sufficient exercise and balance work with sufficient rest.  And so today you will do those things as you realize your inherit power to do so, to make those right choices.  You will choose those foods, delicious to you, that are also good for your body.  And you eat sufficient quantities of food to maintain good health and find you do not need more than that.  If you do feel hunger, you satisfy it with a healthy snack, such as fruit and vegetable or even a very small amount of a low fat protein, such as low or non fat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, or very lean portion of meat.  If you continue to feel hunger after that even, it is time to breathe and ask yourself why it is your are calling for more food than is necessary.  To do this, it is good, if you have the luxury to do so, to lie down somewhere comfortable.  Or if you can’t lie down, just find a comfortable quiet place even if you have to just sit in your car.  Just resolve to take a few minutes to ask yourself why you are so hungry and allow the answer to come in.  You will undoubtedly find there is an emotional reason or some unfulfilled need that needs to be handled.  Resolve it by telling yourself you will either deal with now or make an appointment to do so if you are too busy today. Tell yourself that you cannot resolve this situation by overeating so why risk your health.   Breathe and go on with your day.


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