30 Day Program: Week 1 Day 4






Today I will follow my eating plans exactly.  I am still mastering the art of eating less than I used to eat when I overate in the past. And thus my body is asking for more food than it needs at times.  But instead of overeating, I find other ways to soothe myself.  Perhaps I will plan on a long soak in a bubble bath with all the candles, relaxing, beautiful music, and wonderfully scented bubble bath or bath salts.  If this is what I chose, I will stop into a store sometime today and purchase some lovely, wonderful bath product(s) to use tonight.  Or perhaps there is something else I could do or experience that I would prefer. Perhaps I feel like taking time to ride my motorcycle, bicycle, to walk in nature, go for a run, or whatever.   Whatever indulgence it is, I will plan on doing that today or tonight.  This is my reward for not overeating, for sticking to my eating plan.  I remember in my mind that I will have one meal this week where I eat anything I choose.  And as a reward to do that, I work on sticking to my plan today and remember I am getting closer to that big, fat meal.  I chose other ways to soothe, to baby myself, to pleasure and enjoy myself; other ways than indulging in things that harm me, like overeating.  I will remember all day today, that I have a wonderful soothing, pleasurable evening planned for myself even though I am still feeling hungry due to changing my pattern of overeating.  I remember during the day, as I indulge myself this evening, I will have a secret feeling of self-satisfaction.  The feeling comes from having taught myself to self discipline me, to reprogram myself exactly the way I want to be.  I know that I have the power to do anything I want!  I honor myself and my dreams!  Wow! What a great feeling it is to do things my way.  Now off I go into my day feeling just amazingly wonderful.

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