30 Day Program: Week 1 Day 5

Again, if you are new, the following is from my Daily Dairy book, to be soon completed.  It is intended to accompany my book, Weight Management Life Management, Holistically.  The book will have a space to record each day the food you eat, the exercises you do, what you did for fun or laughs and any other thoughts you wish to record.  These following morning meditations can actually be done whenever you wish to do them but are designed to reprogram you to keep to your chosen plans.  Just before doing them, go to a place where you won’t be disturbed, lie down, relax, and take deep breaths.  You may wish to record them and play them back to yourself.  But that is not necessary.  You can still have great results by reading them to yourself, while you are in a calm, relaxed state, perhaps with beautiful music playing in the background.  If you take time to do them for at least 30 days, you will find your life changes deeply in wonderful ways. Here’s wishing you the best!  Beautiful energy is being sent to you now.Star








 As I awaken today, I again congratulate myself for coming to do this morning meditation, just for starters.  I recall the times in the past few days when I did follow my plan.  Perhaps I have been able to follow it perfectly, perhaps not.  It is okay either way as I am still learning and still reprogramming myself.  And I know it takes practice and time.  I chose to focus at this moment only on the times when I did well, when I followed the plan I chose.  A little smile comes to my mouth as I think of my ability to do what I chose to do and not give in.  The smile gets bigger as I realize I really do have power.  I have the power to do the things I chose to do.  I am in charge of myself.  Today I chose to continue my plan joyfully.  If I feel tempted to give in, I go back to remembering the smile I had this morning.  I will call it, “My Power Smile.” J  Each time I do my Power Smile, I remember my own powers and abilities to continue with those things I have chosen to do. I continue to focus on own chosen eating and exercise plan and not give in to the “carnival food.”  If I see others eating poorly, I will not comment on it, but think that is their choice and ignore their behavior.  If someone comes to me and tries to tempt me with junk food, I will say thank you but no, not right now.  If someone notices I have changed my eating habits and tries to tempt me with their junky foods, I will say no thanks, but go ahead and have it yourself.  I will say that in a very confident manner as I have my little smile, my Power Smile.  And I will feel the deep satisfaction of having the ability to make the choices I set out to do.  I know I am a success!  And…I also remember, tomorrow I will have my fat meal.  I still get to eat anything I want.  I will perhaps have it with my spouse, significant other, a friend or relative, a group of people, or even by myself.  I will indulge royally tomorrow and celebrate all I have done this week and will continue with.  Life is good for me

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