30 Day Program: Week 1 Day 6





As I awaken today, I remind myself that I am truly a champion.  Yes I am a champion! I say it over and over to myself.  I am a champion because I made it this far, the hardest part.  I did it!  I am now well on my way to reprogramming my lifestyle so that I am becoming my best self.  And a part of my best self is my healthiest self.  And my healthiest self also includes my best looking, slim and trim self.  WOW!!!   I really can do it!  I have proven to myself that I really do have my own power and ability to follow the best kind of lifestyle for me.  This week, which will end tomorrow, I will be happy and satisfied that I have stuck to this and completed the hardest part, my first week!  Perhaps in the past, I didn’t think I could even do that.  But that is the past and I am different now.  I am a very powerful person and I can do whatever I chose to do.   I give myself permission to indulge a bit today, with a fat meal as I had planned.  I will rejoice in it and perhaps other fun things tonight.  If I have a spiritual path, I will give thanks in that manner as well.  But the fun time is really here today and the pay off will come.  I will indulge in my own way today.  I made it!  BIG POWER SMILE  J

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