30 Day Program: Week 1 Day 7




If  you made a food, activity, rest and reward plan, you went through the first week so far, six days of my daily diary meditations, and at least followed through with it 80% of the time, consider yourself a success, a great success!  And now continue with day seven, the last day of the first week.  You did some hard work but it will pay off, I can promise that.  You are learning not only self-discipline but also how powerful you really are.  You are proving it to yourself.  So go ahead and reward yourself in some way.  And continue.  It will get easier, though there will still be some challenges.






Take time now to congratulate yourself for coming this far!  You are well into reprogramming yourself to life a healthy lifestyle.  It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.  But you did it.  (However if you did make one little mistake, or even maybe two mistakes, do not despair.  Remember you are still learning and it takes practice to learn something new.)  But if you have mostly following the program this week you will be ready to start on week 2.  If you didn’t, just read my first book, Weight Management, Life Management, Holistically, and do some of the meditations and begin again.  There is no penalty for starting over.  In fact there are great rewards because you are continuing.)

Now for those of you who have made it through, you know you will have to continue to stick hard and close to this program for the 1st 2 weeks.  After that I have a surprise for you.  Just stick to it for now and don’t read ahead….if you can do that.  J   But let’s now reaffirm our power, our strength and go through the last day of the 1st week with that confident smile and powerful feeling.  You did it!  My hat is off to you, you beautiful, wonderful unique person.  Oh yes and oh so powerful.  You can do anything.  You just proved it to yourself.

Today you will not only carry with you that feeling of success but you will pass it on to others (it will then return back to you many times over).  Anyone who succeeds at anything today or does a good job of something, you will acknowledge with a “hat tip” complement as well.   Try it.  I think you’ll find it brings you even more joy and more confidence in your own joy and success.

Okay, go on now.  Have a fantastic, joy filled powerful day!


(And oh, if you want some feedback, some encouragement or help with reprogramming, let me know.  My email is greenbridge36@hotmail.com or phone (810) 845-6766.  There is no charge for just asking, and I love to encourage people.  And as I’ve said, if you buy one book, you will get a free 15 minute consultation, or both books, a one hour consulation.  Or else book a home party and get free books and consultation.)



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