30 Day Program: Week 2 Day 1

Are you now ready to begin the second week of your new successful, happy fullfilling life?  Are you ready to continue becoming more beautiful, inside and out? I hope so.  If so, continue now and remember you are getting closer to your wonderful self all the time. 
(If you want encouragement or feel its not working the way you want, give me a call or email.  There is no charge for feedback or asking a question.  I will make some suggestions without charge.)  greenbridge36@hotmail.com  (810) 845-6766Smile



I have experienced now a record of success, thank you very much, and so I now begin week two. As I feel confident in my past success, I realize that this week I am continuing to use my strength and power to reprogram myself to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I know that this is the kind of life that will ultimately bring me the fulfillment and happiness that I crave at a deep level.  And I know that by fulfilling these deep cravings with this healthy, balanced life, I will no longer have cravings for junk and excess foods.   I know that I don’t want to go back.  Instead I want to go forward with my best plans.  And I know, at a very deep level, that I do have the power to succeed with those things I chose.  I know that if any little voice within tries to deny me my success, I will gently talk to it.  I will say, “I know you think you are giving me good advice, and you helped me in the past.  But I now I have learned better and as the saying go, I will do better.  Thank you for your help but it is time for you to go. “Pause and breathe into this and visualize the misinformation you have within leaving you.  Perhaps it is a dark cloud or perhaps small particles.  What does it look like to you?

Now you have a space to put in good things. Now, reprogram yourself with power thoughts.  Put into that space how very powerful you are and how many choices you have available.  Visualize yourself as 2 different people:  the first one is overweight and sick; the second one is at a healthy weight with good health and vitality.  Now pick your choice.  I hope you picked the healthy one.  Look at that healthy person, look at yourself.  See how attractive she/he is.  Make room for that best vision of yourself within.  See yourself as comfortable with that best vision of yourself.  Pause and breathe.

Say to yourself: “This week I will keep the best vision of myself within me.  If I feel bad about anything, I will remember this.  I will pause if only momentarily no matter how busy I get, and remember my that best vision of myself.  I will then smile my little smile of satisfaction knowing I created this.  Wow! I really am powerful and able to make so many choices in my life.  I have a wonderful life.

Now go on with your day, determined to have a wonderful successful day…and week! J

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