Some thoughts about loosing weight

As I’ve said before on this blog, I lost over 40 pounds, now its getting closer to 50 pounds, using a combination of methods including some of my own.  It is holistic method since I include body, mind and spirit.  It is also like choosing from a buffet as I chose those methods that I find most helpful for me.   I more and more am coming to the realization that life is indeed like a banquet. I realize that I can choose from so many, perhaps an infinite variety of methods, of things, of ways to live, of ways to express myself and my unique talents.  The tools are all there ready for us to use.  And each of us requires our own unique ways.
I am still in processs of creating this blog and added some recent pictures of my self and some members of my family, particularly my beautiful grandaughter, Haley, that I love so much!  I will, in the near future, also post some pictures of myself when I was much heavier to show the difference.
Additionally, over 20 years ago, I quit smoking using my own created program as well. 
I am, besides many other things, a licensed social worker with some 20 years experience in the mental health field and an energy worker using a method I developed called Holistic Journeying.   I have combined the standard, mainstream methods, with holistic ones to help others.  I love and get a thrill from seeing others succeed.  Call me to assist you in finding your unique self by discovering the best methods to get there.
And again, thanks for reading and all the best to you with your "buffet."
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