30 Day Program: Week 2 Day 2



Two, two’s, a double two, 2 + 2 = 4 it’s pure math.  No denying the purity of mathematics.  It is all adding up.  You have made it quite a distance!  Really you have come a long way in a short time.  Big things can be done in short periods of steady application.  Pause and recall your success so far, remembering you are g r a d u a l l y reprogramming yourself.  What that means is that your success is so subtle you may not even notice how well you are succeeding unless you pause briefly, here and there, to look at it and acknowledge it.  Have you kept to your meal plan?  (Well, most of the time.)  Have you exercised?  Are you learning how to be powerful and make choices? And most importantly are you doing something to enjoy yourself every day, no matter how little time is spent on it during a busy day.  Remember practice makes perfect.  You will make mistakes because that is how you learn.  You of course, know that, right? You continue to teach yourself about this new you that is taking form.  This new person is absolutely wonderful and stunning.  You are learning to love and enjoy this new person.  As you now pause, breathe and visualize this new person, this new you, you realize there is nothing new about this person.  This is the person you were hiding, this is the real you.  You are becoming more and more like yourself.  And you find that person is magnificent.

Now go about your day feeling so good that others start to remark how good you look, how   happy and vital you are.  Perhaps they even ask your advice!  (If you find some negative people, you stay away from them as much as you can, ignoring any negative words or vibes you pick up from them, knowing they are likely jealous or envious and have chosen to be unhappy.  You chose happiness and have no time for negative people.)  You gravitate towards the happy, positive people and spend your time with them.

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