30 Day Program: Week 2 Day 3

Below is my excerpt from my book, Holistic Daily Diary for Weight & Life Management.  If you want to start at the beginning, just scroll down to Week One Day One and begin at the beginning.  I will leave this up for an extended period of time.  The procedure consists of starting one’s day with doing these meditations/visualizations to reprogram yourself in a gradually but consistent way. You would do best to have a balanced food and activity plan as well as managing your stress, your rest, and your joy as well.  My first book, Weight Management Life Management, Holistically, can help you with that.  The daily diary book has places to record food, calories/points, activities/exercise, what you do to feel good each day, rest, and much more.  I publish on line here just the daily meditations.

I hope you will find these helpful to you and I’d love to hear from you with any comments you may have.  My email is greenbridge36@hotmail.com and phone is (810) 845-6766.  Or just comment on my Guestbook.  Thanks for reading.




I am moving closer and closer now to reprogramming my life to be just the way I want it.  It is not always easy to stop old habits.  I acknowledge that and I do not punish myself in any way for making mistakes and straying from my highest goals.  However, I realize that it takes lots of practice and sometimes you “feel the burn” so to speak to make yourself stronger.  And though I make a mistake here and there, I remain focused on my plan, those goals that I have chosen.  I find that gradually my body is changing and becoming more balanced.  And that is because my mind is also changing to follow the highest plans of my beautiful, unique spirit.  My spirit is the infinite part of me.  And I am getting to know that part of me gradually.  I release the false images in my mind that I allowed to be there, no matter how they got there.  That is not me.  Having a fat and unbalanced and perhaps even sick body, is not me.  The real me is beautiful, gorgeous in my own unique way.  Today I will get to know myself better, my real self.  As I behave in a new, more confident and self-satisfied way, being kind to myself and others, I see that others are relating to me in new ways, in ways I did not see before.  I realize the beauty in others that I did not see before.  I now realize these lovely qualities I see in others are a reflection of my own lovely self.  I realize too, that as these wonderful qualities I am now finding in others, and perhaps new wonderful people are coming into my life as the negative ones start to go away, these new qualities were always there.   It is just that I didn’t see it before because I was too focused on my own fears and other negative feelings.  I am indeed creating wonderful changes in my life.  I am realizing the wonderful, beautiful person I am and that others are.


As you go about your day, if you do succumb to that chocolate brownie or donut that others offer to you, resolve that you will feel fuller and eat less of other foods.  Keep in mind too, that you are developing cravings for healthy foods at this time as you continue to select those healthy foods that you enjoy.  Remember if you don’t like tofu, don’t eat it.  Find something you like.


Rejoice in this new day, another gift to you.


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