Daily Diary Week 2 Day 4



Today I will plan on discovering new healthy foods to include in my diet plan.  I will go to the supermarket of my choice or try a new grocery store, perhaps an ethnic one or a whole foods type food market, and browse through it like I was browsing during shopping for anything else that I enjoy.  I delight in finding brightly colored fruits and vegetables and purchase several ones I know I will enjoy eating.  I also find other kinds of healthy foods in the store.  If I have time and I enjoy shopping, I will go to another lovely food market that makes me feel really good.  I know I am connecting with my highest plan by selecting those foods my body needs and wants.  I celebrate my new finds when I bring them home in the evening or eat them for my lunch.  I am keeping to my food goals, my exercise goals, and my healthy balanced lifestyle goals.  I notice that overall I am feeling better and better, gradually. My spirit rejoices.  I feel good completely! 

There may be some days where I don’t feel so good, though.  I will know that is happening because I am adjusting to the change, or sometimes that is just the way life is.  I know that these feelings will go away and I will start to feel better and better.  I realize that life is about learning and changing.  I realize everything will change and that is not something that I can control. I do go with the flow while I keep myself as balanced as possible.  I recall the saying of AA that says something to the effect of I will change the things I can change and accept those things that I cannot change. I also know that there are many things about myself that I can control.  I always know how very powerful I am.  I will continue to take this process day by day and remember to reward myself daily, even if it is only with that self-satisfied (but certainly not smug) smile of delight.  And I pass that good feeling I get from it to others.  I know that my life is getting better all the time!


“I transform myself to my own natural happy self as I share these great feelings with others.”

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