Daily Diary Week 2 Day 5


Welcome to my blog if you are new here.  This is a newer blog as well.  I am not new to weight loss/management however.  I had struggled for many years and tried many diets before I have finally become successful in weight management.  I found that a holistic approach, designed to meet my own specific and unique needs was the most successful.  That is because the overeating habit is a true addiction and the only way to heal an addiction is to go about it in a holistic way as well as the best way for you.  And also that is because you are unique   We all are.  And thus your needs and desires are unique. 

My success with this program led to my writing a book, Weight Management Life Management, Holistically.  I am currently completing a daily dairy to go with this book and have decided to publish here excerpts of the daily meditations/visualizations.  The book will also include spaces to write in many other things such as the foods you eat and calories or points if you choose as well as many other things.  If you would like a copy of either book, contact me here via the guestbook, or email me at 810-845-6766 or phone me at 810-845-6766.  I am in the Eastern Daylight time zone and so will probably not answer my phone prior to 8 AM or after 10 PM, but if I’m not sleeping or busy, I might still answer.  My first book is $12.00 with $3.50 shipping fee; the second book is $10.00 with same shipping fee.  But if you buy them both, they are $20.00 with free shipping.  If you buy either book, I will give you a free 15 minute consultation by either phone or even in person if you are in the mid-Michigan area.  (I live in southern Genesee County.) 

I also do consultations/coaching/reprogramming sessions, home parties, and presentations.

If you want to start at the first day, just scroll down to Week One Day One.  Do one each morning, or whenever you get up to start your day.  These are designed as meditations/visualizations.  That means you need to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed as you do them.  An effective approach is to lie down in the quiet place or perhaps have soothing music being played such as New Age music, take several deep breaths, relax your body and let go of everything.  Your mind would be thinking that you haven’t a care in the world, this world, this time warp that you create while you do these each day. (Though the goal of the best meditatiion is to not think at all. It takes much practice to get to that point. I struggle with it and have been meditating for many years now.)   You can accomplish anything you want this way, as well as a healthy, beautiful body.

I look forward to getting feedback from you.  Leave me a note in the guestbook.  Or email me personally to get some encouragement. I just love to make others feel and look good.  It makes me happy. 






Today I realize even more now that I have begun my new established balanced self.  I find myself becoming more and more attracted to eating healthy foods.  If I have a slip and eat something unhealthy, I find that it doesn’t taste as good as it used to and I realize that is because I am changing my tastes.  I no longer want to make a daily habit of eating “carnival” or junk foods.  I really have found healthy foods I enjoy eating.  And I find I become satisfied eating them.  I take time today to add one more new food, a healthy food to my growing list of healthy foods I enjoy, especially if I didn’t have time yesterday to do the shopping exercise. I visit a supermarket or any other kind of market that sells delicious, healthy foods.  I shop around, taking the time to look them over, like I am about to make a very important purchase.  I check out their color, taste, and if there is a sample, I sample them.  I chose the very one I want and then purchase it.  Whether I have purchased a fruit, a vegetable, a whole grain, or a healthy protein such as a lean meat, fish, or beans/legumes, I add it in to my chosen food plan so I can sample it wisely.

If I did this yesterday, and don’t feel the need to return today, I may instead chose to explore different recipes that are delicious but healthy enough to qualify for my food plans.  I know more and more now, that the healthiest foods actually taste better than the unhealthy ones.  I not only have to believe it, I know it now from my own experience.  (Or at least I am in the process of learning it.) Though I may still wish to have a junky, “carnival” style meal this week, and do reward myself with one meal where I eat anything, I know that eventually, that type of eating will stop appealing to me.  I am listening to my body now, discovering when it is full and not force more food into it than it needs.  My body will reward me with good health, lots of energy, and looking amazingly good.  

I know that I am a success in all I do today.  There are no mistakes, just learning opportunities.  I am joyful with my choices and I notice that others around me enjoy me more as well.

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