Daily Diary Week 2 day 6


I am putting this edition of the daily diary on a little later today and I apologize for any inconvenience if you are following it each day. I would suggest you to back up for a couple of days to allow for any technical difficulties and lapses.   Also please be aware that I only publish these 5 days a week, though it is a continuous series.  And remember, these are designed to be visualizations/meditations to reprogram yourself in order to become your healthiest self.  And they are all excerpts from my soon to be completed book, a daily diary to accompany my 1st book. That book will contain much more than these excerpts.   Your comments and feedback are always welcome.  I check with this page daily so it won’t be long for me to get back to you.

Thanks for your participation.








Today (or tomorrow) I will continue with my goals to have a wonderfully, good time with all my work and play.  I enjoy my life, I breathe in the good air, and I marvel at all the miracles of life around me.  I am amazed by this lovely beautiful world and all in it.  I enjoy nature even if I am in a big city.  I realize that I too am a part of nature.  I realize my home, and all "man/human-made" buildings, cars, objects, etc. are part of nature too because they were made by people and people are part of nature.   I pause here to reflect on that, allowing myself to feel wonderful.


I take time today, even if it is only a minute or two, to reflect on all I have, all I have accomplished.   I start with little things and work up.  Perhaps I have chosen to stop eating candy bars in the afternoon and replaced them with a healthy snack.  Perhaps I have stopped or limited drinking soda.  What changes have I begun already?  I know that loosing weight is a gradual process.  And like planting a seed, the flower will take time to develop.  I have already planted my seed, my goal to have the healthiest body for me.  (Or if I haven’t I take time to do it now.)  I know that my seed is growing within my spirit.  I allow it to develop at its own pace.  There may be times such as illness, when I cannot exercise or perhaps I have a busy day or even the whole week.  That is okay because I can just as easily start up again.  My growth in this has already started and I pick up wherever it is I left off.  I continue with the program I have developed the program I have worked on and I continue to work on it today.  And while I am working on it, I have fun!  I take time to eat those healthy foods I love and enjoy.  I savor the taste, the texture of these enjoyable wonderful foods, a perfect apple, a tasty nectarine, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, the best tasting orange ever.  I find out where is the best place to get the most delicious, great foods that are healthy and good for me and I go there often to purchase them.  I learn that I am rewarding myself with these miraculous objects of nature, these succulent delicious foods are healing my body as well as bringing it to its healthy weight. 


 For all of these things, I am eternally grateful and I am joyful and happy as I got about my day with that little smile I have.  It is not a smug smile, but it is a smile of satisfaction I have for taking great care of one of God/Goddess’s great creations: ME!  And for those around me who are willing, I share my happiness with them.

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