Daily Diary Week 2 Day 7



I congratulate myself at reaching another important milestone, the end of week seven.  I know that my hard work is paying off as I learn more and more to be aware of my own joy.   I do acknowledge it took commitment and perseverance.  I am beginning to see, if I hadn’t already, that it has developed a new strength of self-discipline in me.  This new extension of my self-discipline has proven to me the depth of strength and the power I possess to do those things I chose to do.  I am stronger than ever today in this knowledge knowing I can accomplish those things I want. 

Also, today I will allow myself extra time to celebrate in a way I choose.  Perhaps I choose to party with others.  Or perhaps I chose to have more quiet time with myself or a significant other or a small group of friends.  Whatever it is I enjoy, I take off the day if I can, yes take it off, and celebrate by doing exactly what I want to do today. (Or I make a plan to take some day off within the next 3 days or so.)  Yes I deserve it.  I do this knowing I will go back to my passionate hard work shortly but today I rest and relax and celebrate my own power, to create my life the way I want including a healthy, beautiful body.





If you have been following the program each day so far, I will give a free consultation to you.  All you have to do to get it, is to answer some questions I will ask you regarding what helped and what did not help you with regards to your ongoing weight and life management program. Based on the information you give me about yourself, I will design a program unique for you, to assist you most effectively and easily with your continued success.  This will assure lasting results for you.   Email me or phone me now to schedule a mutually convenient time.  Email: greenbridge36@hotmail.com or 810-845-6766.  This offer is effective during the year 2009. 

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