Daily Diary Week 3 Day 2

Today you will begin week three, a great accomplishment if you have been following thus far.  Today you will reflect on your accomplishments, your achievements in the knowledge of understanding that you can create anything you chose. You have proven to yourself your own power to do so.  Today you acknowledge to yourself your own power to choose the things you want and then claim them.


                                                WEEK THREE    DAY ONE


Now you are getting somewhere.  By now, though still perhaps craving too much food at times, you are adjusting to eating less and eating the best foods. In other words, you are establishing a pattern of eating sufficiently to nourish your body without overdoing it or eating junky, carnival foods. And you are engaged in regular activities/exercises, as well as balancing your life by getting sufficient rest and enjoyment.  Let us start this meditation with a confident feeling of accomplishment. 

I begin my day so very happy about how well I have been doing.  I have persisted in getting to this point, one day at a time, one step at a time, and I have made significant changes in my life.  My body is getting slimmer, my mind more focused on what on want, and my spirit rejoices at the whole process of accomplishment I have achieved. I pause and reflect on my accomplishments and knowledge of my own power to achieve this. 

Today I shall continue with what I have learned and keep to my eating and activity plans, knowing that I am pioneering new areas in my life.  These new areas, these new places are great adventures which will bring to me great things.  They will bring to me the things I have chosen to receive.  Pause now; reflect on the best things you want, including your perfect body image.  As you reflect see them coming to you now.  Indeed now they are coming as you are confident in your work so far on bringing them into your life.  You know that visualizing in such a way is bringing things to you.  And you know that you have brought these wonderful things into your life now that you have developed these habits, good habits, and eliminated the not so good habits of the past.  Now you bring in what you want into your life.  Now, it is all here now.  You see it all on a large beautiful banquet table, the banquet tree of life.  It is waiting for you there.  Everything you want, a healthy body, a calm, peaceful mind that can solve whatever situation you bring to it, and as always your beautiful spirit rejoices in all of this. What else is it you want?  Dare to dream of it now.  You walk to the banquet table and take in all these things that you have chosen, these things that you want.   Pause and reflect on your accomplishment.

Now go about your day with that little smile of satisfaction in the knowledge that you have accomplished great things in your life.




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