Daily Diary Week 3 Day 2



Today the emphasis is on having fun.  You may, though, at times, have feelings of being hungry even now.  But now you know those are false cravings.  Those cravings, if you are eating your well-balanced, carefully selected diet, represent something other than food that you need.  And sometimes, the answer is simple that we need to have some fun. Some of us think that we can only have fun when the work is done, whatever work we feel we need to do.  But today, right during our work week, we will take some time to have some fun.  If we don’t have time to do exactly what we want to have that fun, we will make the plans for whatever it is such as a vacation trip, a day at the spa, horseback riding, planning a party, etc.  So the focus today is fun.  Maybe you will just go to the dollar store and buy something really cute, just for fun, and keep it with you throughout the day to remind you that you are having fun.  If something negative comes at you, today you will side step it, if at all possible, and take that time to think of and do those things that bring you joy.

This morning, as you relax and close your eyes, you open your mind to the highest spiritual forces and ask them to help bring fun and joy into your life.  You say to yourself, “Help me to learn more today about having fun.  Let me bring that little smile I have daily now, to a roaring, knee slapping laugh.  I am about to have a great time today, just as great as I ever have had or even better.  I have a fun and happy and joyful life awaiting me.  I can’t wait to get it started.

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