Daily Dairy Week 3 Day 3



Today I realize that I am coming along just fine.  I might not have been perfect every minute of every day, but I have learned that it is okay to slip up, just a little, here and there. And maybe I even slipped up a lot. But I know that it is okay.  I have learned that it takes practice to perfect something.  And that is what I am doing.  I am doing this program and my body is getting healthier and closer to its ideal weight all the time. I know that I will continue with this program and that I will ultimately achieve my ideal weight and health eventually.  I also know that it does take time to do so.  I know that I am unique and I will take whatever time is uniquely best for me to get there.  I know that this gradual process is what makes the best sense and I continue with it, no matter what happens.  If I fall down, I just get up and start again where I left off.  I have come this far so I know that I can go further.  I know that there is a place where I enter the flow of life.  This flow of life is a great place, the right place for me.  Sometimes I make mistakes on the way for whatever reason.  But then I go right back to this flow and allow myself to go with it.  That’s right; I just go with that flow, the flow of life.  This water of life, of the flow, is healing and feels so right.  As I am moving with this flow, I feel good and know that I will continue to be feeling good with it.  I do not let anything stop me.  No matter what others say or do or what happens around me, I continue with the flow of my life.  I know I am a part of this, my own particular flow or river.  And I know that each person has a flow as well, perhaps different than mine.  But I know we all flow to the same place, the great ocean where all life is. And as I continue to flow I look around and see there is support around.  These spiritual forces that support me, I now realize were there all along.  I know that they will always be there for me and I can go to them whenever I need them.  I give thanks for that and feel happiness and joy as I go about my day.

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