Daily Diary Week 3 Day 4



Today I realize what a success I am (if I haven’t already.)  I am beginning to see results from following my holistic lifestyle.  I see my body getting slimmer, having more energy and feeling better all the time.  If I have kept a dairy of my feelings, I will take time to look at the first entry I made just prior to starting this lifestyle.  And I compare it to the last entry I made.  I can literally see the wonderful difference.  I am so very satisfied with my progress.  Others see it too.  Others around me notice I am changing, and perhaps have commented on it.  Whether their comments are positive or negative (unfortunately some might be jealous), it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I have chosen this wonderful way to live and I continue with it, no matter what else is happening around me.  My wonderful, healing, joyful flow of life continues toward that beautiful ocean of life that I flow towards.  If fears come up, I know they are false because there is nothing to fear.  I know my success with this holistic lifestyle that I have chosen is already assured.  When fears come up, I acknowledge them and gather up my courage to look at them.  And as I look at them, I see they are not what I thought they were.  I see that they are not anything at all to fear. I become more and more confident in looking at my fears and realizing that I have nothing to fear.  As I go about my life, I realize how courageous a person I am.  I realize I am a person who looks at her/his fears and still continues, no matter what.  I live my life joyfully, happily, and fearlessly.  And I am open to passing this wonderful feeling to others around me who want it.

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