Daily Dairy Week 3 Day 5



Though at times I must deal with feeling hungry when I know my body has had sufficient nourishment, I know also that I am instituting new and wonderful changes.  My plan is working and a better life in unfolding.  I am glad that I am sticking to my goals and changing my habits.  I now can see that these new, better habits are replacing the old ones.  I see that my life, though having challenges at times, is getting increasingly happier and more joyful.  I notice through my healthy eating and regular exercise that I am having more energy and can accomplish much more without tiring.  I am thus able to allow my unique gifts to develop more fully.  I may even be discovering for the first time, consciously, gifts that I didn’t know I had.  That means my life is getting more fulfilling all the time and thus I am getting happier all the time.   I have learned also to see the good in others.  And when I ignore their faults and focus on their positive qualities as I focus on my own positive qualities, my life transforms to a more satisfying and enjoyable life.  I feel like I am now getting somewhere.  In fact, I feel like I could do almost anything I set out to do. I now have the experience of changing old, negative, self-defeating patterns and replacing them with good patterns.  I see my behavior changing.  Perhaps I begin to contemplate on other changes I want or doing other things I thought I couldn’t do in the past.  Perhaps I thought it was too late to do those things, or I wasn’t smart enough or attractive enough or whatever it was I thought.  I see now, however, I can do the things I want.  I can do those things that I was born to do.  I see them coming to me now as I transform my life and learn more about who I really am.

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