Week 3 Day 6



Today I feel good inside and out.  And I also feel powerful.  Others around me reflect some of my changes both in good and maybe not so good ways.  Those that do not seem to appreciate or like my changes have their own reasons, such as wishing they could do the same for themselves but do not feel powerful to do it.  Whatever their reason, if they chose to ask me for help, I will give it to them.  But if they chose any negative behavior towards me, I ignore it, think of their good qualities and move on.  I do not have time in my life for negative people.  In fact I may reflect on something Oprah Winfry once said, “Don’t you love it when they tell you that you can’t do something.”  She’s laughing all the way to the bank, so to speak, and holistically I would think.  (What an idea, a holistic bank.  Think I want a checking and savings there, at least.) If I have to be around negative people, like in situations connected with my work, I will think of Oprah’s words, smile my little smile and feel confident inside of my continued success.  I chose instead to spend my time with positive people as much as possible.  So I see that by focusing my time and intention on positive people and continuing to do the work in my life I chose to do, my life is getting better all the time.  I see the negative people fading into the background and the positive people increasing.  This makes me and my loved ones even happier than ever.  I remember today also to note the physical changes in my body.  I smile at myself in the mirror and tell myself how attractive and accomplished I am.  I tell myself how I am making changes in myself, making myself happier and thus making the world a better place.


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