Holistic Daily Diary Week 3 Day 7



Amazing, I feel amazing, wonderful and powerful that I am about to complete 3 whole weeks of this program, my program, which I have chosen to follow.  By now I have certainly lost weight, inches, am firming up muscles, and have begun to get back that vitality, the twinkle in my eye, a quickening of my gait, and even a glow around my body.  That is my body’s way of rejoicing for the changes I have made and will now keep with it.  My body has certain intelligence in it.  Each cell of my body has intelligence in it and a purpose.  A heart cell has the intelligence and purpose to beat, a kidney cell likewise filters.  I am now allowing all the cells of my body to do their job and they are showing it to me in so many ways.  My state of good health is returning as I loose unnecessary layers of fat.  But I don’t curse that extra fat as it leaves.   I give thanks for whatever reasons I had it.  Perhaps it was used to shield me from hurtful experiences I had or was having.  I am now transforming my life in many ways and creating a beautiful, fulfilling life.  I thank all this extra fat for what it once did for me and tell it I no longer need it.  And I say goodbye to it as it leaves to transform its energy in other ways; and rejoice in my own transformation. 

As I continue throughout my day, I will focus on my new transformation and remember that though I still have more work to do on this, I have accomplished a great deal.  I remember throughout this that I am an accomplished person.

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