Daily Diary Week 4 Day 1



Today I am about to begin the final segment of my 30 day program.  And though I have a distance to go, I will “graduate” from my accomplishments thus far.  I have made substantial changes in my body, mind and spirit.  And my whole being is thankful for them.  I have developed self-discipline that I chose to learn and implement into my life.  I know now that I can accomplish practically anything I want as a result.  I have proven that to myself.  This is no longer a wish or even a belief.  It is a knowledge based on facts, the facts of my life in my very recent past.  I know too that all accomplished people, and I am one of them, will have challenges, tests.  If tests come up for me today, or in the near future, I will face them with courage.  Though I may be afraid at times, I still take the actions, the behaviors I have chosen.  That is true courage.  I know that even those people considered to be the most courageous have fears; it is not the absence of fear that makes them courageous.  It is that they have felt the fear and still acted.  Today I am developing knowledge of my own courage in the face of my own fears.  Whatever comes up for me today or this week does not matter.  I continue with my plans, my goals, no matter happens, no matter what other people are doing, no matter what happens in the world and no matter what fear, self-doubt comes up for me.  I know now that I am truly a courageous, accomplished person.

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