Holistic Daily Diary Week 4 Day 2



Today I am going to rev up my life by adding the additional energy and enthusiasm I am gaining to my daily life.  I will also be practicing mindfulness as I do this since mindfulness will help me to become more energetic.  Mindfulness is a practice where I stay in the present with each activity I do.  It is a practice of being “mindful” of what I am doing and what is happening in the moment.  It is keeping one’s mind on what on is doing while doing it instead of thinking of other things.  So often we are focused on things in the past, what happened yesterday or last week.  Or else we are thinking and planning what we are going to do. There is nothing wrong with it, and of course, some of it is helpful or even necessary. But practicing mindfulness is another way of thinking we can use in addition to planning or considering things of the past.   With the simple practice of mindfulness, we simply stay in the present.  It sounds easy but sometimes it takes a little practice and patience to master it.

 I meditate on this right now and see myself doing this all day.  I am mindful all day with each activity.  I am mindful right now as I focus and meditate.  I pause now briefly, to be in the moment.  As I begin my day, I do so not only with mindfulness but with passion. I begin to notice that by keeping myself in the present, I savor and enjoy everything I do whether it is taking my morning shower, eating my meals, even doing the dishes.  I go about my daily work, finding new pleasure in these simple acts.  I feel so good to be alive.

And as before, these good feelings will be picked up by others around me.  I am also willing to share these good feelings with others, while not spending any significant time with any negativity that others may express.  I continue to focus on positive things and positive people as I now realize this is what makes my life happy.  Sometimes I must deal with difficulties of course.  But I keep in a hopeful state of mind, using problem solving skills and any similar ways. If everything does not go my way, I find another, satisfying way to accept.  In this way, my life becomes happier and more satisfying all the time.  I am so grateful for this wonderful life and give thanks for it.

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