Holistic Daily Diary Week 4 Day 3



I begin another day of choosing to live my happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.  This holistic lifestyle was a great idea that I chose and I am now discovering more and more each day why I chose it.  Each day now, I begin to notice things that bring great joy to my life. Some of these things have come into my life as new opportunities, such as new friends, new job opportunities, more wealth, and best of all, more happiness.  But some of those things that make me happy have been there all along.  I am realizing now, that I had overlooked some wonderful things in my life previously.  Since I have learned to become mindful, to live in the present time, I notice all the wonderful things in my life.  I am so grateful for this wonderful life and spend a little time now in gratitude today for all I have.  I give thanks in my own spiritual tradition.  I realize too, that by doing so, I will be bringing in more happiness and joy for me as well as to I share that joy with others around me.  I find too, that people around me are “changing,” becoming happier than I noticed before.  Were they always like that and I just didn’t notice?  Or are they just becoming happier because I make them feel so good with my new, happier outlook on life?  As I contemplate that, I may think too that it may be a little of both. 

I find that I can also accomplish more of the work I want to do and feel I must do each day when I am feeling this good.  And lastly, I notice that it is becoming easier all the time, to eat healthy, nutritious foods in portions that are right for me.  I feel satisfied with the right quality and quantity of foods.  I no longer need to overeat because I have discovered other ways to make myself feel good.  And I have found that I more often enjoy healthier kinds of foods than junk foods.  What wonderful changes are happening to me!

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