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Today is Memorial Day, 2009.  Throughout the world, we have been having some tough economic times.  However, today, we give thanks to those men and women who sacrificed their lives to defend our country.  They are indeed brave and generous people without a doubt.  But I would like to also give thanks to the birth of new things, new ideas.  The reason the earth is having such great economic turmoil is that we are changing and evolving into a new era.  The meaning of endings is a new beginning.  The old ways of doing things, including old economic ideas are now changing.  When we begin to realize that we can become more able to be happy instead of fearing the changes, we learn to look forward to these changes.  There are going to be some wonderful changes, and these are the things that have been predicted by many wise people, many indigenous cultures throughout the world.  I still have a book written by Sun Bear from the 1980s where he predicted exactly what is happening now.  And before him was Black Elk making similar predications.  And many more wise men and women and various cultures have had similar thoughts.  Some foolish people laughed at those predictions during the 80s and before, instead continuing aligning themselves with outdated thoughts, “old school” ideas.  I think it was in fear, a culture of fear that holds on to things like that. Having lived for awhile now, I see now, in this year, that many of those fear- mongering people have done one of several things. Many of them are simple dead now, choosing, in my opinion, to die rather than live through such changes with a false idea of they could somehow take all of that with them.  We all know how foolish it is to think of taking it with us after death.  Others have chosen to live with those old school ideas clinging to the false hope that it will stay the same somehow, ignoring all the positive possibilities while focusing on changes in a fearful manner.  The fear will consumer them.  But many have themselves chosen to become enlightened with the new ideas, realizing that it is not going away.  Whether they have chosen it because of the thinking of, “if you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em, or indeed have made enlightened changes within themselves, they have indeed changed along with all of this.

All of these so called “bad things’ that are happening now, with the severe weather conditions, tumultuous earth changes as earth quakes, global warming,  volcanoes, “bad” economic times, the common change from old religious ideas and on and on, are all just the beginning.  At this time, we experience within most of us a feeling of chaos which at times is unsettling.  We don’t know, really, what is going to result.  Even our best psychics and prophets are not always right.  But my thoughts are that  much of it is going to result in some wonderful changes in our Mother Earth and wonderful opportunities for peace and goodwill everywhere when it is chosen.

Remember the song by John Lennon, “Imagine.”  It spurred a lot of anger from extreme right wingers when he said, “imagine no countries.”  There are still many who do not get that idea.  Countries are political units, they are barriers set up, lines made and evolved as a result of conflicts and wars between people with different ideas.  We are learning today that we can enjoy the diversity of different ideas instead of making it into a conflict, or even a war.  If we truly did enjoy diversity, learned to listen to those that are different from “us” (whoever us is), we certainly would not need to draw those lines, and those barriers we call country. That does not mean we need to change our own ways of thinking.  It just means that we can enjoy blue eyes when we have brown eyes and we don’t need to change our eye colors.  To many that kind of thinking is treason or at the least “unpatriotic” thinking.  I believe it is treason and unpatriotic to not be a citizen of the world; or perhaps it is just foolish. 

Let us all begin to think of what it would be like to not have countries, just a world of different kinds of people that we learn about and have great fun learning, sharing, enjoying.  Really, it is just that simple to change your thinking if you chose to do it. 

And with no countries, there is no need for wars, as we all learn to share and to enjoy all these differences.  A Memorial Day during times of no wars will no longer mean honoring people who have suffered and sacrificed their lives at young ages.  Perhaps it could mean honoring people who have passed on who contributed in some wise and wonderful ways. Let us all consider these things and teach others as well.  We teach others by our behaviors of course, not by preaching. We teach others by developing our own unique skills and in that way inspire others to develop their own abilities.  And in that way, we learn to appreciate the beautiful diverse pool of talent we have on this beautiful blue planet, Our Mother Earth.  The offering here is just to “Imagine.”  What do you imagine today?  What are your unique gifts to share? 

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