Holistic Daly Diary Week 4 Day 4



As I awaken today, I note the feelings I have.  Perhaps they are positive ones, perhaps not so positive.  Whatever they are, I know I have the ability to choose my thoughts and my feelings as much as I chose my actions.  Just as I learned at very young age not to touch a hot stove, I learn now how to choose the thoughts I want to have and thus influence those feelings strongly.  I have learning that thoughts are indeed powerful things.  I have seen how my thoughts have affected this new lifestyle I have chosen, this holistic lifestyle.  I see how much better I feel now throughout the day.  I have learned that if there is something unwanted coming my way, I can chose whether it is something I want to deal with directly, side step it, perhaps to deal with later, or perhaps it is something negative coming from another person or some event that is not mine.  I have learned that the negativities coming from others are not mine, unless I chose to accept them.  And since I have chosen to live a joyful life, I do not take in the negativities of others.  Instead I continue to focus on the wonderful life I have chosen to live. If others who are suffering ask me for help, I will help them.  If they don’t seem to be asking for any help, I will not force anything on them, but perhaps just give them a pat on the back.  I will offer comfort and even advise where others seem to seek it from me, but never “preach” to them in any way.  And under no circumstances will I chose to enter their negative ways.  I have found that negativity that comes to me from others does not belong to me.  Only if an unfortunate event happens to me, will I chose to deal with it.  And when it does, I will know it is just one of those things that happen in life.  I will know that I can chose to learn from it and work it out and eventually, it will pass and I will have drawn a positive conclusion from it.  I remember how I used to be, how “crippled” I had allowed myself to become in some ways, before I chose to live this holistic lifestyle.  I see how many changes I have adapted in my life and how much better my life has become.  I know it is better because I feel and look better now than I ever have.  I have a wonderful, cheerful, joyful feeling deep inside of me, and I carry that with me always no matter what.  I smile that little smile I have, acknowledging myself as a unique, immortal being and go about my life in a truly inspired way, sharing with others whenever the opportunity arises.  And of course, I continue to make those healthy food choices since I have chosen this wonderful lifestyle.

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