Welcome back if you have been following!  Or if you are new here, welcome to you as well!  This is a relatively new blog though I am not new to holistic living.  For the last several weeks, going into week 4 now, I have been posting excerpts from my second book which is a daily dairy to accompany my first book, “Weight Management Life Management Holistically.”  I wrote the book after loosing over 40 pounds using a variety of methods of my choice, including an overall holistic way.  I will shortly write here what is meant by the holistic approach.  The excerpts posted from the dairy, are the daily meditations/visualizations that will reprogram you to change your lifestyle to that of a holistic one.  Not only will you be able to get to your ideal weight, but you will change your life to a more joyful, fulfilling life as you learn and more fully utilize your natural gifts and talents.  And thus by book and writings are not just for those seeking weight loss but for anyone who wants to live a wonderful life. (The weight loss will occur as a great “side effect.”)  I believe this is the easiest way to loose weight since you will be able to do it the easiest way and then maintain your best weight.  I do not claim there will not be any difficulties.  Any time we make changes, we will experience some discomfort.  But I’d like to compare this kind of discomfort to something like pulling off a bandage after the sore heals.  There will be a little sting, some pain, but it is temporary.  The self discipline you learn here is a gentle, gradual way of doing it, a little painful at first, but not overwhelmingly so.  Eventually, you will become accustomed to living in a healthier way and you will see dramatic changes.

I welcome all your comments and feedback as I am always striving to improve my services.

My book is $12.00 plus $3.50 for shipping, unless you’re a close to me here in mid-Michigan and can contact me to pick it up.  (I am often at the Flint Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.)  The second book is $10.00 currently, but will increase shortly.  If you buy both books, the charge is $20.00 with free shipping.  I also do consultations, coaching, reprogramming for private sessions, groups, classes, presentations, and home parties.  To obtain any of my services, contact me at (810) 84-06766, greenbridge36@hotmail.com, to arrange appointments.  Many services can be done over the phone. 

Here’s to you and your happiest, most fulfilling, joyful life!

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