Daily Diary Week 4 Day 5



Today I feel quite delighted, quite happy with myself for coming so far with this.  Though I know that at times, there will still be some challenges with my weight management and holistic lifestyle, I am completely aware of how far I have come and what accomplishments I have made.  I am a very accomplished person!  I have proven to myself the extent of my abilities to exert my own power in order to obtain those things I chose to have.  With this knowledge, I become wiser each day, and learn more about myself, about others and about the world in which I live.  I find so many more things opening to me now, perhaps things I didn’t even know existed before.  I find that there is a whole universe of possibilities for me and for others.  And I also find out that I contain a whole universe within myself.  I seek the guidance of any spiritual entities that I chose in my own spiritual belief, if I have one.  If not, I put my trust within myself and my abilities to create whatever it is I choose to have in life, as long as it is of some benefit to me and others. 

Today I will take another good look in the mirror at myself, like the first day, but now I see things I didn’t see before.  It is like looking at a whole different person.  Yet, I realize that person was there all along.  I recall something Michelangelo said, “The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has. “  In other words, Michelangelo is saying that before he carved the great masterpiece, David, out of marble, it was already there.  He had just to chip away the unnecessary marble surrounding it.

And so as we learn to chip away at the unnecessary parts of ourselves, by saying goodbye to excess fat, we see the magnificent work of art that is left behind, but that was there all along, just hiding.  Behold yourself, a masterpiece!

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