Holistc Daily Diary Week 4 Day 6



Today I continue to remember all I have accomplished with my holistic lifestyle approach.  In fact I realize that it is far more than just an approach, but the word approach, is used here to illustrate the change I’ve made.  And where did this change come from.  It could only have come from me, the real me.  Anyone can make suggestions to me, but it is up to me to choose to implement those suggestions.  When I chose to implement the suggestions of others, such as the author of these writings, I do so in my own way. I do not become the author of these writings.  Instead I become closer to who I am; I discover my own unique self more thoroughly.  And as I discover my true self, not the self defined by others around me, or the media standards of TV and movies, I find that there is yet so much more to discover.  I know that part of my purpose in choosing to have a body along with my soul, is to find out my purpose in life.  And I find my purpose by learning to acknowledge all my abilities.  And I have learned that it comes with finding out the unique being I really am.  I have discovered that only I can know the answer to that.  And as I discover my purpose, or more fully learn about it, I find that it will make a unique contribution to create a better world for all.  I delight in myself, in others and this world I have chosen to live in.  I delight in living my life in my own way.  And I find the little things in life bring me great joy and comfort.  I have found by committing to this lifestyle, I enjoy eating a healthy diet.  I know which foods are best for me and in what quantities.  I eat those delicious foods more often than not, though I may perhaps at times eat some things which may not be as healthy.  I follow a sort of 80-20 rule, 80% of the time eating in the healthiest way.

And when I look in the mirror, I see that health, joy, and satisfaction I am achieving are making for a beautiful physical body, as I become more beautiful (or more handsome) each day.  I chose to continue my joyful day with sharing with others in whatever ways come to me, if only a joyful smile, or sending out “good vibes.”  I am eternally grateful for all of this!

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