Holistic Daily Dairy Week 4 Day 7



Today I rejoice because I am completing 4 weeks of this program!  It was said by Ben Franklin that it takes 21 days to change a habit.  Well, I have gone past that mark because today I will now have 28 days!  I know that even though I have vowed the 30 days in total to be vigilant with this new lifestyle, and I have 2 more days left, it has started to become a “down-hill” process now.  I see and feel the ease I have created in sticking to my new program.  I have developed a habit of an increase in my physical activities and a habit of healthy eating.  Of course the most important change I have made is the holsitic change:  throughout my whole being I know, in the truest sense, that I have now created the healthiest, happiest lifestyle for me.  I know in the deepest sense of the word, that I am becoming more of whom I truly am.  I am learning more and more all the time that who I am is a uniquely talented, beautiful individual with unique abilities and talents to contribute to the world. And I feel deeply within myself, that with my developing and using these unique talents, the world becomes a much better place.  And I know that when I make these wonderful changes in myself, I am in fact, in reality, changing the world and the universe, making it better for everyone.

As I continue today to carry on with my best plans, I extend myself to others who ask for my assistance since people are seeing the accomplishments I have created.  I take pride in assisting others, sharing with them the way to know how to do the same themselves.  And I know that I only assist them to know this when they ask me.  I know that I cannot do it for them, that they must do it themselves just as I have done it for myself.  I do not attempt to control others. I just make myself available to those who seeking my help.

I share with a significant other today the fact that I am completing these 28 days now and soon will be at the finish line with this very vigilant, yet joyful 30 days to a new me. I feel that pride and joy I have for these accomplishment deeply within and spilling out, busting out of me throughout my day today.  The joy is so great I have a glow surrounding me and it just naturally shows to others.

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