Holistic Daily Diary Day 29 Week 5 Day 1

DAY 29    (WEEK 5 DAY 1)


Today I realize I have now set the pattern and made a huge, wonderful difference in my life.  I continue now for these last 2 days to remain vigilant with this new pattern in order to “allow the cement to set,” so to speak.  Though I know that I can always make changes, I also know that habits are not always easy to break (though I could accomplish that too if I chose it).  I am allowing this “new cement to dry”, this new habit to take shape today and tomorrow knowing that after that,  things will be so much easier with all of this.  And that is because I created a new lifestyle and allowed it to become a new habit in my life.

Today and indeed tomorrow and perhaps for the rest of my life, I am grateful for allowing myself to realize my ability and power to make changes that I choose and bring joy and fulfillment to my life and thus to others.  I realize even more now that when I honor and respect myself in this way, I also do that for others.  I continue to realize that by making the best changes in myself, I am indeed making good changes in the world.  I know even more now, as I am beginning to see it happen, that the things I do have an impact on the entire world, much like a ripple in a stream that occurs from throwing a pebble into it.  And because I realize that, I chose to do the best for myself and others. 

I am planning a celebration of some kind after tomorrow for having made this tremendous accomplishment in my life and my world.  And I also tuck away in my mind a thought of maintenance.  I know there will continue to be challenges for me as long as I live.  I know that during challenges I may think about returning to bad habits of the past as a coping mechanism.  And thus I know that even though I have established my new, better lifestyle, I can also chose to go backwards.  In order not to do that, I will begin a maintenance program soon.  The maintenance program will be much easier than the first 30 days but will also open new things to me.  And thus as new challenges come to me, I begin to learn that they are not the hardships I once thought they were. I now realize that by coping and overcoming challenges, I learn new things.  And by doing so, I become even more fulfilled and happy. 

The world is becoming more alive and beautiful to me now.  Though I know I cannot control everything, I now know that I am far more than just a passive observer.  I take great joy and pride in that realization, an accomplishment that I myself have done!

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