Holistic Daily Diary Day 30!!!!!!!!!Success!

DAY 30!!!!!!    YOU DID IT!!!


Yes you did in fact do it if you made a good effort to do these morning meditations and then follow through with the other suggestions made as applied to your own situation. (The other suggestions and much more is found in my book, Holistic Daily Dairy for Weight & Life Management).   If you have at least made a strong effort, 80-20 rule, where you did the program 80% of the time, you should consider yourself a complete success!  If not, well, just go back and start over!  Only this time, have more fun with it as that is one of the secrets of making this program work!

Now you need to also follow through with plans you may have made to celebrate this.  And yes, you can overeat a little or eat carnival (junk) food, if you choose.  It’s the 80-20 thing again.  Give yourself credit for whatever you did now (even if you need to go back and start over).  You have accomplished a great deal, especially if you completed.  You are now in much better health than just 30 days ago and you look fantastic too!  Even your hair probably shines more.  You can move around more easily, and tire less, thus being able to do more in a day.  But most important of all, your good feelings about yourself and others have increased. You are likely having less negative thoughts now.  Now is the time to write down how you feel about yourself today and your great accomplishments of the past 30 days.  Don’t be bashful, brag all you want.  You don’t have to share it with others unless you want.  The main point is to be honest.  Give yourself plenty of time to think clearly and write accurately about exactly how you feel today.  After you complete that, go to the page where you wrote down your feelings just before starting this 30 day program.  Compare the two.  You should see a dramatic difference. Other things you might have done was to have taken a before picture and taken your measurements as well as your weight.  You should also see quite a difference.  Be sure to take your picture now, your 30 day picture, as you will change even more in the future.  Also take your measurements and weight and record them.  There is a place to record all of these things in my book, Holistic Daily Diet for Weight & Life Management, something you can save to show your grandchildren.

Now is also the time to plant the seeds of maintenance and continued weight loss (if more weight loss is needed).  I will soon be posting additional daily information on this blog, almost always 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, with an occasional message on Saturday and/or Sunday. So stay tuned for the maintenance program.

I am always interested in hearing from those of you who have had successes (or problems) with this or any other suggestion or comment.   Of course, any brief phone calls discussing those things are absolutely free of charge.  Any charges will be made perfectly clear to you ahead of time. 

Also of course you can add your comments right here or email me.

Here’s to your continued successful and happy life! 🙂


Phone: 810-845-6766  Email: greenbridge36@hotmail.com

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