Why Being in Michigan in 2009 is Wonderful



You may think, upon reading the above, that some kind of lunatic or smart a%@ wrote the title above.  And you certainly have a right to your opinion and thoughts.  With General Motors, representative of our largest industry in Michigan, the automobile business, going out of business, many other businesses big and small cutting down, laying off workers, reducing the benefits of the remaining workers, or even going out of business completely, how could  a person in their right mind say it is a wonderful time.


Here’s why I say such an astounding thing.  I do not think I am a lunatic or a wise *&, though of course that may be questionable. If there is anything we can agree upon, though, is it not that we are indeed at a time of great change.  Change is uncomfortable for most of us.  During change, we find out that the things we wanted to pretend are solid are not.  We find out that businesses like General Motors may not always be there, or if it does stay, it may have to change, radically.  We find out we cannot drive our Hummer, our Cadillac, or big Buick or whatever, for a few years and then stroll out to the car lots to look at the improvements in the new model.  How are we to go to car lots and see the smaller, more fuel-efficient models? That just doesn’t set right.  How are we going to impress ourselves and others with small cars!  What kind of change is that!

Some may see the irony in all of that, but still it remains, many of us do in fact expect to finish whatever education we think we should get and then get a “job” and make a decent living.  That is the way it always was and always should be.  Not to do so, not to have a job, that is called a lazy bum, right?  That’s just not the American way!   Perhaps that is correct.  Perhaps, there is another option.  Perhaps we could still work without a job.  Perhaps we could learn to make our own jobs.

Many have already learned this and are doing it right now.  But for those who haven’t, that is crazy.  Is it crazy or is it just scary?  It is of course scary because if we try to create some new free-lance job or small business, we put ourselves out there for others to scrutinize.  Maybe we will develop an idea that may have lingered within us for many years and finally we dare to present it to others.  We expect others to accept it and pay us immediately and then, immediately start making a good living if not a fortune.  If this does not immediately happen, we will instantly consider ourselves a failure.  Or perhaps we never start anything and only imagine right away that it is far too scary, too incredible to even think about doing such a thing.  How ridiculous to even think about such things.  We think we are not good enough, not smart enough to do something like that.  Who do we think we are? Or perhaps we know someone right now considering this and we laugh at the thought of them ever being able to do such a thing. They are so stupid to think they could succeed.  We certainly would not want to look so foolish.  We just want a good “job” so we can be comfortable and go back to driving our great big cars.

Consider what happens in some of the other countries of the world.  In many of those countries, no one, except for a very small number of extremely wealthy people, think that when they grow up, all they need do is get sufficient education in order to secure a good job, something that Americans take for granted.  People in those countries, and they are the majority of people in the world, realize that if they want something, they will have to go out and create it.  Is that crazy, ridiculous? No it is not.  That is the reality.  For many people in the world, if they are fortunate enough to survive childhood without succumbing to disease, starvation or death due to an accident or even murder, they are faced with just that.  And yet, remarkably, many of them do succeed, and only do so by using their innate abilities and talents.  There was no one available to foster their abilities.  They just did it themselves.

Each of us is born with talents and abilities that no one else has nor will probably ever have.  Here in the U.S.A., we have often learned to ignore those innate gifts, or use them for a hobby while we pursue something more “solid” or more “sensible,” such as the job with big corporations, the secure job with the government and on and on with those “sensible” ideas. We are if anything, sensible people.   

We have now learned that “sensible” and “secure” are false ideas.  We now see it here in the USA and not just in Michigan.

The reason why being in Michigan is so wonderful right now is that we have a second chance to explore our unique talents and abilities.  We do not have to bury them in order to falsely be “sensible.”  We have learned how to be more of who we really are. And as we do that, we create a new world of possibilities, things that have never yet existed, things that others cannot imagine because only we can imagine them and do them.  And then once we do them, we can teach others. 

By creating from our own unique abilities, we create a wonderful and beautiful new world, something that has yet to be imagined. 

This is a magical time!  This is a time of new beginnings. What do you imagine?  What can you do with it?  Do it now!  Make this place called Michigan a place of magical new beginnings where we Michigan people are known throughout the world as innovators of a new world of wonderful ideas.  Let’s stop being so “sensible” and start being shockingly imaginative!

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