How To Change Your Life, for the Better



Change is going on everywhere now, from the changes President Obama is effecting to changes in gas prices, in jobs, to our ever changing economy and on and on.  I don’t think anyone can make an argument saying that there is no change going on right now.

And we all are changing as well, whether we notice it or not.  Obviously, change occurs in our bodies, starting from the tiny embryo where we begin to exist in body, changing rapidly after the sperm and egg unites; we change rapidly in the 9 months previous to our birth.  Change starts to slow down a bit after birth, throughout infancy and then slower during childhood, and slower still throughout our adult lives.  But it is hard to argue with the idea that change continues throughout our lives. 

With the changes in our bodies, our minds change as well and thus our thinking changes.  We learn how to become more and more independent, moving away from our parents, usually, to become more independent as adults.

There is no denying this type of change, though we all know people who “pretend” they don’t change.  We look at them and realize how foolish that is.  We realize that they are “pretending,” and thus holding on to false ideas. And perhaps some of them, lose out on some great opportunities due to their fear of change.   But is it not ourselves as well who pretend?  Isn’t it all of us who do a little of this?  I know I have and continue to do it. 

Going back to the  central question, the title of this article, on how to change your life and what that means, is it not obvious that change continues whether we allow ourselves to see it or not?  Why not take off our blinders and notice what is really happening instead of pretending change will not happen without our permission?  And though we cannot stop many changes, can we direct it, some how, in a way we would prefer it to go or a way that is more beneficial? 

I believe we can with at least some of it.  For example, we cannot change the fact that we continue to accumulate the years we live on planet Earth, but we can change certain lifestyle factors that will effect the way we look and feel.  And by changing our lifestyle, a factor that is within our control, science tells us we can be at our healthiest state.  In our healthiest state, we will be able to do more, to enjoy ourselves more and thus live a more fulfilling and happy life.

But we all know that enforcing a control over changes we wish to make is not always easy.  We have a belief that it is easy to just go with things.  But what are those things, the things that make our lives the way they are.  What are the things that create our lifestyles, healthy and unhealthy though they may be?

Social scientists will describe many factors.  Culture is a major factor.  Culture will influence the way we live and think including our food choices.  There are many different and wonderful cultures in the USA but there is one culture that is not good. It is an artificially created culture.   And that culture is one the multi-billion dollar corporations have created to sell their products and services to you.  The best thing for them is to convince you to deny that this culture, this factor even exists.  So if your first response to this idea is to say that it is not true, that you are an individual who thinks for herself (himself), you are following their programming!  The best marketing is a plan to make others buy the company’s products because the individual thinks she or he both needs those products and further that it was their own idea! 

We Americans pride ourselves so much on individual freedoms that the idea of someone telling us what to do seems preposterous.  Yet we all do it, even the most stubborn, individualistic ones of us all.  I admit to it and I have always been accused of being too stubborn, too cantankerous and I take pride in that.  For example, are you a “Coke” person or a “Pepsi” person?  Why do we take such crap so seriously?  Why do we even bother with it?

But as many of know, in order to change we must first admit we have a problem.  Do not give in to what the richest of the rich want you to do, how they want you to live, and thus the culture they are trying to define for you.  When big business creates our cultures, we will purchase all their products based on impulse buying and eating.  We get fatter and fatter all the time and get those related fat diseases, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, etc. earlier and earlier in our lives.  Go ahead, buy those Cokes or Pepsis, get fatter and fatter and defend yourself for doing so?  Is this not the American way?

Why not instead, become more cantankerous and start to think for your self, really.  This can only be done when you start to reprogram yourself.  Daily meditation will profoundly affect the way you see yourself and the decisions you make to live your life.  You will, through daily meditations, learn who you really are, something that many people go to their graves without even finding out.  Meditations help you to learn who you are.  So does reprogramming yourself to learn how to really think for yourself, to discover who you really are.

You can obtain assistance from many others who already began this process and have had some success with it.  They will assist you in learning to reprogram yourself in this way once you begin to discover your authentic self. I feel I am one of those who can assist others in that way.  I believe that it is my gift to share with others.  Contact me or another of your choice to assist you with this.

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