Keto To Success In Few Words



The key to success of anything in life, and here of course I’m referring to a kind of success that brings lasting fulfillment, is to feel peaceful and satisfied within.  As simple as that sounds, it is not so simple to achieve for many of us.  In fact many individuals have spent practically their entire lifetimes pursuing it.  In short, success simply means feeling really good about yourself “in your gut,”or as often referred to today, within your core, or your center.  Many know exactly what I mean about all of this.  They know that the core, physically, is the center of our physical body, the abdominal area starting just under the rib cage and ending approximately near the belly button. And is it commonly, but mistakenly referred to as the “stomach” by many though we know the term “stomach” refers to an internal organ of digestion.  In addition to this physical core, there is another core, the Solar Plexus, the 3rd of the Sacred Chakras, referred to for centuries in Eastern Thought.  These so-called invisible Chakras which have been revered for centuries have now, in modern times, been captured to view in a physical form through a type of photography called Kirlian photography.  There are now many sources on the internet that discuss and display these photos as well as books and even organizations as well as organized religions dedicated to discussing and studying them.


Many energy balance practitioners, including those using Reiki, as well as many other forms of energy balance[1], including “Holistic Journeying,” © , will assist others with healing and coming to this peaceful place.  By going through our Chakras, going deep within ourselves, we not only balance ourselves within, but we learn about the Divine Seat of Knowledge that exists everywhere in the Universe as well as throughout our Earth and deep within ourselves.  This is a kind of knowledge, a kind of wisdom that must be experience in order to fully know.  Sort of like the idea that you cannot learn how to swim, how to ride a bike, etc. by a lecture or by reading or studying about it.  You really learn it by doing it.  And it takes some practice to learn these things well. 


Through daily meditation, going within, we learn about these ancient truths, we learn how to become peaceful and balanced.  We begin to learn how to “do” it not just study or read about it.   An energy balance practitioner can assist us with clearing blocks to our energy, with channeling energy throughout our systems, with discovering why we are blocked and thus with what it is that is making us unhappy, unfulfilled in our lives. But they cannot do it for us.  That is why we have come to Earth, to this life.  Many are available to help and assist us, but it is we ourselves that can find out what it that will make us truly happy and thus peaceful within.  It is only through attaining this kind of peace that one can be truly fulfilled, truly happy.  And by attaining this, by healing ourselves and attaining this peaceful, happy state, we heal others by our very presence. And we bring more peace and happiness into our Earth, our Universe. 

Doesn’t that make weight management seem insignificant?  Our bodies will become so much lovelier with only daily mediations, but the meditations open us up to those other practices, to a lifestyle which makes us lovely, body, mind and spirit and only one of which is being within our best weight.

[1] I have developed a form I call “Holistic Journeying”© which involves not only classic healing through energy balance but will explore whatever additional methods are needed for the individual.  You may contact me through my website if you would like to have this experience at

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