What Do I Have To Be Happy About?



Do you get tired and irritated with people like me (J ) with my smiley’s and positive attitude telling you,  no wait, its called “reminding” right, to stay positive, stay balanced, eat your veggies and be happy?  You may be thinking, “What the..? “  “Doesn’t she know there is a great recession going on?  Doesn’t she know how many lost their jobs, and even their homes?  Why is she so happy?  Why is she trying to make me happy too? What do I have to be happy about?  And then she has the guts to talk about being kind?”


If that is how you feel about all of this, I’m going to tell you a secret, I feel like that too!  Sometimes I wake up and feel awful.  Then I think wait a minute, what about saying I’m going be happy today?  What about programming myself for happiness?  I’m getting tired of the effort!   Don’t you think I have relapsed like that?   Yes I too think like that.  I too have been programmed by our greater society to think like that.  And yes, programmed is the word, because your thoughts are programmed by you.  Your brain will process the thought and then transfer to you the experience you have had with it from your memory reserves.  You then do have a choice of continuing to behave like you have been programmed (by yourself) or to retrain your brain to store new memory reserves.  This does take effort and practice but why waste the effort when you can just go ahead and feel really bad, like you’ve been trained. 


Other things that happen within our memory reserves are things that are taught to us at an early age or during vulnerable times.  Many of us continue to think things because, “That’s what we were taught.”  And we continue with the thoughts and behaviors without questioning them.  The vulnerable times occur during times such as when we are very hungry, stressed, tired, etc.  Marketing experts know how to exploit these times and program us to buy their produces.  (But don’t forget, programming is accepted by you and only you program your brain.)  Many of this already know this, yet continue to drink beverages and eat foods that are bad for health because of this programming.  When we make the decision to return to a better state of health, such as a healthier weight, we often wisely, reprogram ourselves to eat healthier foods instead.  And we learn that we “deserve” to eat healthier foods and live a healthier lifestyle.  (This idea of “deserving” to eat healthy is like the faulty thinking of we have worked hard all week and now we “deserve” to eat all those unhealthy foods that the big corporations want us to eat.)  We are wiser than big corporations who program us like cattle to eat their unhealthy foods.  I hope you have at least considered this if you have been following me so far.  Perhaps you have even begun to reprogram yourself for a healthier lifestyle.


Why not also reprogram yourself to have a happier lifestyle, no matter what is going on around you.  It seems to take quite an effort, some days; you may think I’m really getting tired of this happy smiley crap.  And you may think it is easier to think negatively.  I’m not telling you to laugh during funerals here.  I am asking you to feel good about what you do have.  You start with what you have, and appreciate that.  If you lost your job, give thanks that you still have good enough health to be able to work.  That way you will eventually find work.  If you curse the fact you don’t have work, you can actually affect your health that way too.  And then when a job becomes available, you may be too sick to accept it. 

There are also certain processes that science considers to be involuntary.  There is documented evidence of individuals such as advanced Yogis who defy what science defines as the automatic responses of the body.  Science tells us that we have muscles in our bodies that are voluntary and others that are called involuntary.  For example we can chose to use our muscles to get up and walk, to pick up a ball and throw it. These experiences are defined by science as use of our voluntary muscles.  There are also muscles we use throughout our G.I. tract to process and digest our foods and eliminate waste materials, muscles that control our heart beat, and others.  Also there are many metabolic processes that occur throughout our bodies such as regulation of our hormones, building and breaking down the cells throughout the bodies, and many others that we don’t usually consciously think about.   These muscles are currently referred to as involuntary muscles and the process as well considered involuntary by science.  Science states that these involuntary muscles and processes do their job without our conscious control.  When we eat, we do not have to consciously think about digestion, it just happens.   Science also asserts that we cannot consciously control these processes like we do our voluntary muscles.   However, individuals as Yogis mentioned above, have shown how they can consciously control these so-called involuntary muscles and processes.[1]


If this is possible, is it not possible to control our response to the negative things going on around us?  Why not program yourself for happiness today.  If you wake up feeling bad, give yourself a brake.  Spend some time, even if it is just a minute or two allowing yourself to feel really bad.  Okay, that is your limit, a few minutes.  Now pick your favorite happy affirmation and your day will improve.  A pleasant, more positive person is most likely to receive an offer of a job, a promotion, and sales within their business, a happier social life, and a healthier body.  So what’s your choice today?  J

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