Unkown Adventures in Michigan



Did you enjoy that rain last night?  Well, I guess the word, “rain” does not do it justice.  That was a big storm and the 2nd biggest storm within a week, lots of flooding and wind damage.  I give my condolences to those of you who have suffered in any way.  Luckily many of us have not, though I have, as all of you, had my times of suffering. 


And as I say, I am compassionate with regards to any suffering, but as always I have another way to look at things. Actually, it is far more of a “feeling” experience than a “thinking” experience.” Whenever there is a big storm, I “feel” really good.  I have heard others say the same thing.  One of the reasons may be the great amount of what is called negative ions generated by big storms.  It feels exciting, wonderful, and luscious.  There are also many negative ions around mountains, forests, oceans and seas, like our Great Lakes here in Michigan.  Despite the term we use, “Great Lakes,” to describe them, they are often considered to be “sweet-water seas” rather than lakes.[1]  In fact, our Great Lakes are the biggest inland fresh water seas in the world. [2]


My point with all of these is to get you to have fun, excitement, adventure, right here where you.  (If you are somewhere other than our beautiful Michigan, please forgive me.  I suppose you too could have fun as well, but write your own article about it.  Here we give great homage to our home, Michigan.) We often forget, ignore and take for granted those things we already have, those things right next door, including our own talented friends and family as well as our own talents and abilities.  And as I have asked you to recognize your own abilities in past writings, I am now asking you to recognize the beauty, the excitement, the heritage of many, including our Native people, the folklore, the mysticism of our lovely homeland right here in Michigan. 


Many of you will take your “up North” Michigan vacation this summer and so I ask you to keep in mind this while you do.  Whether you are staying in a luxurious resort or camping in a tent, take time for your adventures. You will find them not only in “Nature”[3], such places we consider as “natural” as our lovely Michigan beaches, forests, etc.; but you will, as I have mentioned also in past writings find your adventures within, just waiting for you to further explore them.  We often, however, find a great deal of inspiration by spending time in these mystical forests and majestic beaches. Allow the surrounding beauty to spark your own uniqueness, your own gifts. Wallow in it all and have great fun with it.


Please note also, I have added the book, Succulent Wild Women, by Sark to my book list. (It should have been there all along.)  This is a book also for men, written by a creative fun-genius named Sark who helps us to learn how to have fun and enjoy our own succulence.  Put it on your summer reading list.  Or if reading is not one of your fun things, at least look at it; it does have lots of pictures, drawings by the author herself.  And if you are so inclined, perhaps you will be inspired to create some art pieces yourself.  Perhaps you will give us all some new insight into your own creative genius.  Perhaps you will chose the adventure of bringing out that unique creative genius within and give us all a new gift.  If you do, you will give a great gift not only to yourself, but to the world.


Have a wonderful, adventure-filled, exciting and creative summer.  And let me in on it, will ya?

[1] http://www.michigan.gov/deq/1,1607,7-135-3313_3677—,00.html

[2] http://www.great-lakes.net/lakes/

[3] I have put “nature” in quotes to emphasis that holistic quality it possesses.  We are Nature, everything is Nature, and we cannot separate it out anywhere.


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