The beginning of Summer is normally an active time for many of us, a time when we get out and walk, jog, run, play tennis, golf, swim, etc.  However it is also a time for outdoor barbeques and various summer-time eating fests.  And then there is inclement weather, just like we’ve been having here in Michigan this late June, 2009.  Rain, Storms, Nature is wondrous and beautiful.  Yet lots of it, creating floods and rainy weather for days at a time, causes some problems[1] of us.   None of these “adventures” should stop any of us from anything.  And indeed, as soon as we had a sunny day, people poured out of their homes for outdoor activities, celebrating the beginning of summer.  But all this time indoors may have caused some disappointments, temporary as they may be, (and perhaps a relapse into winter time depressions as well) resulting in a bit of sitting around more was than previously planned while still indulging in summer-time food treats.  It doesn’t take a math genius to understand the equation that too little exercise and too much food equals weight gain.


If you are currently having a little bit of a relapse, have gained a little extra weight, or even if you gained back everything you worked so hard to lose at one time, do not despair.  That is where my job starts.  My job is not to lose it for you; of course you have to do that.  My job is to point out to you how much easier it is now to lose.  Yes, if you have already been able to take off weight, you have a proven ability to accomplish weight loss.  Now put that successful thought into your mind and be happy about your successes of the past.  You have just yet to learn more about it.  You have to "let your garden grow," as Sonja Choquette says.  You are in a process and like any process, success comes with practice.  I am not talking about the kind of learning you get by reading or do in the classroom, unless you consider the world as your classroom.   You learn through practice in our world.  Just as you learn to improve your golf swing, your famous tennis backhand (not to brag, but I got a fierce backhand J)[2], or anything else, losing excess weight to return to a healthy weight and then maintaining a healthy weight range, needs practice as anything else.  I am not dismissing, here, underlying causes of excess weight.  Remember the words, “it’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.”  That is a topic for another subject.  And I have discussed emotional eating on my blog and in my books as well.  And dealing with our emotions, our “issues”, takes practice as well.


Start over if you must.  Start with writing down your goals, or with reading my encouraging words[3] each morning and/or evening, or restart with whatever program you wish.  I continue to keep in the archives of my blog my 30 days of meditations/visualizations that can be done with soothing, “spa-like” music in the background and deep healing breathes, to give you daily inspirations and that is without any cost.


I also suggest owning a copy of each of my books to carry with you.  Plenty of room in those large bags that are so stylish now, to carry my books around and neither weigh much.  But then, carrying around a little extra weight, not on your body, but with your body, will get off that little extra you are carrying on your body.  Did that make sense?  Tell me how you would restate it.  Also tell me about your successful and joyful holistic lifestyle.


Enjoy your Summer!




[1] I’ve used the word “problem” here as in normal usage.  However, many people, establishing the new more positive culture are now using words like, “challenge” or “adventure” instead.  Think I’ll join them use the “challenge” instead of problem.

[2] Okay so I did brag a little.  It is fun to feel good isn’t it!

[3] You will find encouraging words on my blog at  I keep archives of the 30 days of morning/evening meditations to reprogram yourself for a healthy weight.  Additionally, I generally write 5 new articles per week on holistic lifestyle and/or weight management.

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