Good Luck Bad Luck in a Holistic Lifestyle


Today you have a choice, go to my April archives and read Week 1, Day 2, if you are following that, or read the follow article.  Or if you want read both of them.  Welcome to the real banquet of life!  You don’t have to just make this choice or that choice, you can do it all!






People will sometimes say, “Good luck”, so to speak just comes our ways.  Most will say that is not true for them.  Some will even say that it is “Bad luck” that they always have.  I say it is neither.


 I do not usually like it when I hear someone say, “It is what it is.”  That sounds too much like someone giving an excuse for their own bad behavior.  Giving excuses[1] is certainly not going to do anybody any good, especially the person giving the excuse.  But the saying itself, “It is what it is,” when not used as an excuse for behaving badly is perhaps quite a wise saying.  So too with good or bad luck, they are what they are.  Neither is good or bad, they just are.  You have to work with what is.  But you don’t have to stop there.


Some say they have worked hard, they have “put themselves out there” and yet they have not gotten whatever it is they think they should get, “by now.”  That of course goes back to the “human being” idea, such that you are not a human doing you are a human being.  Another great way to look at is something that the great Dr. Wayne Dyer says, something to the effect that if you squeeze an orange you get orange juice, not lemon or apple, but orange.  Why? Because that is what it is, an orange.

So what are you?  What do you get when you are squeezed?  If you call it bad luck, then is that what you are, bad luck?  Of course not, as I’ve been saying all along, you are a unique being, an immortal soul with a unique gift to give. So if someone squeezes you, and I am speaking of mature adults over the age of say 30[2]  but many younger people can also relate here, what do you get? 


We have a wide variety of cultures living and assimilating here in the USA, but there is a mainstream culture here as well.  The traditional path was to complete your education, get a “good job”, get married, have children, etc.  That is what a “successful, happy, life” was considered to be.  Those who didn’t follow that path were suspect. They were not considered to be doing well or even considered to be failures.  (Of course there are many cultural variations on it as we have such a culturally diverse country.)    That path is always changing as is everything else, and newer more diverse paths are being considered more and more acceptable all the time.  And now with the economy in the USA as in most of the rest of the world, people cannot find employment they would have even when they follow the formula of acceptability of the recent past. 


We are in a time of great change and thus, we are forming a new way, a new culture, a new path.   Some call this bad luck.  And certainly, it is not an easy task for young people who work hard in school, end up with a large college loan to repay, and no job to repay it. 

But this is also a time for new things to emerge, things that have never happened before.  New businesses, new attitudes of compassion, new ways to live, new ways to be “acceptable,” these are all new opportunities for us all to discover or rediscover our own unique talents.  We need to listen to our own hearts, not the crying and moaning all around us. And certainly we do not need to listen to the unhappy folks around so willing to laugh and even bully those who are boldly creating this new path.  We need to feel this “vibe’ because it is an exciting, creative vibe.  It is a great opportunity! 


As I have written previously, many times, we all have unique talents.  There are so many things that have yet to be created.  We have an open slate, we always have had that, but now more than ever, many of us will be “squeezed” to express our uniqueness.  This “squeezing” sensation we may feel is just that opportunity knocking for you.

What is happening as you are being squeezed?  Perhaps you are worried and frightened.  Things did not work out how you planned.  That is just a product of our social conditioning.   You do not have to give in to it. 


But let’s say you chose to give in to feelings of defeat, now what?  What happens next?  Perhaps a lifetime of depression, insecurity and even substance abuse would result?  Perhaps a suicide even?  Or maybe you just subsist on the way things are and live a dull, boring lifestyle, the “way you were brought up to be.”  That is a choice some, many have made but far from the only choice.  There are an infinite number of other choices.  Many of them involve feeling really great.  So which choice is yours, feeling miserable, feeling blah, or feeling great?  Really it is that simple, as simple as being presented with a banquet of delicious food choices. Do you go over to the rotten foods?  Do you go to the foods your parents told you to eat, resisting an urge to try out new choices?  (this is the blah, boring way).  Or do you dare to go over and try some of those exciting, tantalizing choices at another place on the table?  There are many other choices as well, these are only a few.   This banquet table is never-ending!

Squeezing has happened to me many times. And I am continued to be squeezed even now. That is a part of life, I believe.   When I was squeezed as a 20-something, I would whine and cry and feel defeated. (Though I never let it completely kill my passions as I have never lived the blah live as an adult.)    As a 30-something, I began to learn even more about my choices and how the ideas of mainstream culture were so wrong.  I continue now into my early 60s to find more things to feel really wonderful about as well as I get squeezed by those who continue to live a miserable lifestyle. And I have begun more and more to realize that if an unhappy person attempts to squeeze me, I must be onto something great!   Though even at times, I still feel a bit anxious and depressed.  I do not, however, stay there. I remember the wise words of feeling the pain, feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  That is what a true Hera/Hero is!   I remember my unique ability and talents, my unique beauty, my undying strength and power given to me by the Great Goddess.   I remember why I chose to live this life.  I am still learning, now in my 60s, but have learned to feel wonderful about it more and more.  I know that I will continue to learn throughout my life.  But I have learned that when I get squeezed, my talents begin to pour out more and more. And that is the best response.

And so now, when you are squeezed by this economy, by a bully boss, or an unfortunate marriage, or perhaps you are just bored in a stagnant lifestyle that never challenges your abilities or anything else, what will come out you?  My challenge to you is to feel that fear, even panic (take some valerian or kava herbs for that, and call me in the morning), let the pain or tears happen, that is okay.  But don’t’ stop there.  Do it anyway and do it boldly!

[1] Excuses Begone. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  Read this fascinating book if you like excuses, even though you say but they are real!

[2] Science now tells us our brains do not complete their development of the frontal lobe until the late 20s, and perhaps it will be later in some individuals.  Thus, people should not be considered “whole” or mature until that time.  And thus “squeezing” them before that time may understandably, result in crying, whining, and various other behaviors.

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