Are You Having Fun Yet?


Following the 30 days?  Go to the April Archives and do Week 1 Day 3.  And then read this below…do not forget to let me in on your thoughts and most important of all, have lots of fun!





What is it that makes you feel good?  I’m not talking just a relief from some pain, like when you plop down on your sofa or bed after a long, hard day at work.  I talking about the deep feeling within, that passion that perhaps you have been putting off doing.  You have responsibilities, you must go to work, and you must care for others such as your children, pets, and the plants, whatever.  You must, you must, ad nauseum; when is it going to be time for the things inside of you that want to come out and play.   And every time they try, you push them down and say, “I must go to work now,” “I must clean the house now,”…….  How long do these “musts” go on? 

Or perhaps your life has become one big must after another.  As a result, you may have forgotten what fun is or that it can even ever happen again, if ever it happened at all, for you.


As I’ve said before, my main job in life is to make people feel good.  And if you are not taking time to feel good, come over here, my friend a take a visit with me, Dr. Ellen.  I have some wonderful things in store for you today.


The first thing I want you to do is to take just a few minutes right now go back to a time when you did actually have some fun.  Most people can recall a time if only during their childhood, when they had some ecstatic fun!  (If you cannot ever remember such a time, please call me immediately.  You need an emergency visit and I will give you a “fun shot”.)  Take some time right now, even if it is only a couple of minutes that you have, to let that fun-feeling sink in.  Even laugh aloud!  Take no worry if others look at you.  Let your good feeling spread over to them and watch the smile come out on their faces too!  (If someone is frowning at you during this, move on. You have no time for negative people. Use your time only for people who make you feel good.) 


Now I want you to capture that feeling.  Imagine that feeling is right there, in front of you.  Now imagine your arms extending and you capture that feeling with your hands.  See it in your open hands extended in front of you. Doesn’t it look marvelous, wonderful? It is true fun!  OOOOOhHHHHHHHHHH! How great! You may have never felt so wonderful before but let yourself feel even better!  Go higher, feel better, feel the best you ever had before!  See that FUN in your hands?  Take it slowly toward your heart.  Place it deep into your heart.  Feel how great that feels, the FUN in your heart!   Nothing is better!  Breathe it in.  Ask any Divine or Spiritual Entities to whom you may pray or talk, to help you to keep this with you always.  Let the feeling of it spread throughout your body.  It can go up towards your head and the top of your head; it can go down towards your stomach, belly, sexual organs, legs, feet and the bottom of your feet.  It can go both ways at once, because is it FUN!  You feel it rooting at your feet like a plant with roots while you feel it exploding out of the top of your head like a beautiful spray going out into the Universe.


Now you have a choice.  You can just sit here for along time and continue with this.  But if you must go now, take all of this with you.  That FUN is always with you.  It is yours to use whenever you want it or need it.  It is always there.  It is not something to “own” like a pair of shoes.  It just is.  And most importantly of all, it is something to share with others.  Without the sharing, it won’t be FUN for long.  So spread it around when the opportunity arises. If you see someone in any kind of pain or suffering, mentally send it to them and watch them change.  Now that’s true power.

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