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Now there is something you’ve heard before.  Often times it is from a salesperson in a store but sometimes you are offered things free in the mail and online.  There are of course many scams out there and you must protect yourself.  There are also many legitimate, free offers.  Some are the so called introductory offers, the “try before you buy,” type which may have some strings attached. Some magazine subscriptions start out by saying “get your free issue.”  Then you find you must give you credit card number and if you read the fine print you will find out they will start to bill you after a certain time passes, forever until you go on U-Tube and perform the hokey pokey, 16 back flips and 100 push ups.  Okay, I was joking.  You will probably have to just inform them in some way to stop the subscription but be sure you read exactly what it is.  If you don’t do exactly what they state to stop payments, they will indeed continue to bill your credit card as long as they can.


There are many online schemes where you have to purchase 1, 2 or more things which appear to be inexpensive, from a selection of many, going through a long, time consuming process to do so often including products in which you are not interested, to get to your free prize. 


Then there is one which is semi-illegal, the unsolicited text messages.  You will find if you read them, that they are charging you for finding out they charge you for accepting their messages.  I understand there is a Bill in the U.S. Congress now making them illegal. (But they will likely continue coming from other countries.) In the meantime, one way to stop some of them is to text them back with the message, “unsubscribe.”  Sometimes that doesn’t work.  One which is called Spirit  is a “psychic hotline” (And believe me, I am a psychic who has been paid for my legitimate services and do not feel it is wrong to charge but this is trickery.) The one I am referring to which calls itself “Spirit” will not stop with the “unsubscribe” text message.  I called them and you must send the message: “Spirit stop.”  And don’t forget the space between the words!  So far that has worked. 


In addition, however, and I know our slow economy is involved, many of us who are offering our services at reduced rates, for barter, and even free may inadvertently be taken for as scam artists, when we are not.  Those of us who love our work will continue to do it for free, though we too need to use money to survive.  If you have something to offer in return, that will help you in the long run, as well as helping us make our livings.  (If you have trouble with paying for services from someone in the mystical or holistic world, please think it through.  Do you get paid for your services?  Can you afford to work indefinetly for free?  Or do you get a paycheck?  There is nothing wrong with offering services for money as long as there is no trickery or scamming involved.)   I am recommending  someone to you who is excellent in payment for services I received from her, though she never asked me to do this. Her name is Dr. Jeanine Austin and you can find her on Facebook.  She is legitimate, has integrity and will not try to charge you or scam you in any way without your knowledge.  The only thing she does charge for I see so far, are some classes but you will be well informed of any price in advance. (And her services are well worth paying for!  I think she should be charging more often!)   She has education, training, and experience in her field.  Dr. Jeanine gave me a very long 1 hour phone session that was extremely helpful to me.


I am also one of the people with integrity who offers legitimately free, low cost, and for barter services. I am also well trained, educated and experienced in my field.  I am in a word, legitimate.  And the other word is integrity.  I truly believe in my work, and in fact live it. I studied casually from the 60s and began a more serious study of mystical arts from the 80s, studying under adept teachers beginning to live it 24-7, not just studying and reading.   I am in contact with my Spirit Guides every day, and  practice/live my spiritual Path, Shamanic Wicca/Goddess focused (though in no way am I preaching here. Please, we already have enough pagans so do not consider this an invite.  I will not get into any specific religious ideas with you, except for a generalized spiritual thinking unless you request to know more about my Path.) 


I do change for my services as well.  I am a natural clairsentient and psychic healer.  In addition I have worked at developing these and many other abilities including the ability to give readings to others.  My current book is about Holistic Living, with the focus on healthy weight maintenance and I work as a coach/counselor/reprogrammer with regards to that area as well.


Currently I am offering the following.  With one book purchase, you will get one free reading if you wish or you will get a coaching/consultation/reprogramming session.   I will not try to sell you anything more (unless of course you wish to purchase more things) and there are no strings attached.  You must, however, contact me to make prior arrangements for this.  (I had one person thinking I was going to hunt them down and work at making all the arrangements.  Won’t happen J)


Please go to my space/blog and see for yourself.  And contact me, for your free reading. Lol!

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