Instant Weight Loss Success!! ??




Have you gotten messages from people trying to sell you substances, pills, etc. that promise instant success, or say success in a short time without changing anything else in your lifestyle?  You know what I mean, keep on eating the same way, don’t exercise just take this and you will lose weight.    Some have claimed that Oprah herself used it?  Have you seen Oprah lately?  She is the first to admit she has regained her weight. And I heard her say on her program that there is no magic pill or formula for weight loss or she would have it.


People never seem to tire searching for an instant answer to weight loss or any other problem they have. That is why drug addiction, alcoholism, food addiction, etc., are so common; and, unscrupulous people and companies who are willing to make a buck at their expense will continue to prosper.  I am not preaching here as I freely admit to my own food addiction which began after I gave up smoking a number of years ago now. And I too would love an instant cure of some kind.  The “secret” is there is no instant cure.


There may indeed be some good and healthy effects from a particular food substance or it being made into a drink.  I don’t claim to know everything about all of them.  I do know however that even with the weight loss surgery, now using the lap-band method to close off a good part of the stomach, weight will return to those who continue to overeat and under-exercise.  In short, those who do not want to change their lifestyle, which is what created the problem, will continue to see the results of that lifestyle. 


Change rarely occurs instantaneously.  That is something I have said before and want others to learn.  But I never expect anyone to just take my word for it.  I am all for questioning authority, finding out for yourself what is true and what is not true.  Do not just believe everything I say, but do believe your own “gut” or instincts.  Many of us are even psychic, yet we continue to fall for the instant cures because we are all vulnerable to it.


So if we can’t change from 20, 40 60 or even 100 pounds of overweight to that great looking body we see advertised by simply sipping on some “magic” drink or potion, what do we have to do?  Is it a lot of hard work and pain to change? Some say yes but I say no.  Others are saying to “allow it.”  Allowing, as proposed by some very wise people is indeed what it is about but allowing is more than just saying the word and then saying okay, “I’ll allow it.”  It is all about the holistic lifestyle, the body, mind and spirit approach. 


Where you begin with all of this depends on you.  If you have a lot of negative thinking, whether about yourself or others, you may need to start there.  You may have to spend the time processing a past negative, unhealthy lifestyle.   You can do this by yourself, but there are many wonderful teachers, coaches, etc. out there to help you.  This is part of what I do as well.  Sometimes processing this may involve a great deal of pain.  I am able to assist you in finding the least painful way to do this, which is beyond the scope of this short article.


Once you have processed the pain and negativity, you release it.  And the next part is to allow or put into yourself the holistic lifestyle. Again this is something you can do on your own but best done with help of professionals such as myself.  I have done this in the past under the direction of my teachers, coaches and professionals.  We all come here, in body, to learn new things.


I cannot give you a number, an amount of days, weeks or months as to how long to go from being overweight to looking really great.  There are many factors that influence that but the main one is you. 


So what will you do today to live a more balanced, holistic lifestyle?  When thinking of this keep in mind that you and I, all of us, are a part of a whole and what any of us do, think or feel affects that whole.  You may or may not choose to work at having a better looking body.  Your body is already beautiful and so you may need to just acknowledge that first.  Feeling good about yourself as well as feeling good about others may be your first step.  But always keeping in mind the whole of everything that we are all a part of is always the central idea.


If you chose to begin today, you may wish to focus, if even to meditate on that whole, that in which you and everyone is a part. 

I would love to hear from you whether you seek my services or just wish to let me know what it is you are doing with regard to holistic living.


Bright Blessings!



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