Darkest Before The Dawn



Many of us have been long-time troopers when it comes to making changes for the better, bringing into us the things we want while leaving behind the things we don’t want.  Some, however, may be new to this and have little confidence in their ability to create a better life for themselves.  Where ever we may fall on this scale, no doubt even those of us who are most proficient in this kind of thing may at times forget the old adage above and wonder if our positive thoughts will ever amount to anything during challenging times in our lives.  Unfortunately, too many of us have a long background of paying attention mainly to problems and ignoring those good things that come to us.


Please read again the last sentence above.  This is where I find I have most often lost out, continued in a depressing way, not even noticing that I have been presented with a better choice.  In the past, I have often felt negative as well as defeated and overwhelmed during times when everything seemed to be going wrong.  So many “bad things” seemed to be “happening to me” that I couldn’t see my way out and couldn’t see some of the better choices even when they were presented to me.  In retrospect, I see that I had many choices but ignored them because I was too busy and too invested in continuing to “believe” strongly in my negative pathway.  And so I continued with it, while ignoring any better things that came my way as it wasn’t a part of what I was seeing, the negative way. And then of course I “manifested” the defeat I so wanted to avoid.   I no longer blame myself for this as I now see that is the way of the world currently.  So why wouldn’t I believe in that negative way?  To do otherwise, is to “rebel,” to think too much outside the box; to do so means often involves shocking others, but most of all shocking ourselves.   In recent years, I have been retraining myself to become more positive, to notice those good things that come to me as they come to me and to accept them into my life. I have retrained myself to ignore the negativities, the “problems” and look instead for the inevitable opportunities that are presented to me, often from unlikely sources.


This is not an easy thing for many of us to learn, me in particular.  I have been taught since childhood to think little of myself, to punish myself and not reward myself.  Luckily as a book worm practically since I learned how to read, learning is something that I do quite well, as a persistent, life-long student of life.   I find however with each new thing I attempt to learn there is just another twist there, something unexpected, that I have yet to find out about which will seem to “interfere” with a successful path I have planned for myself.  Yet when I consider the choices, not learning and thus repeating the mistakes, or worse doing nothing, whatever that is, are not alternatives for me, I realize I must persist, I must continue and I do and will learn those new things I have chosen to learn.  As I look on my life, I see I have brought in many wonderful new things that as a child I could have never imagined.  I have learned much and have so much more than I had imagined.  And I continue to bring in new and wonderful things as I continue amaze that child of the past that is still within me.


Many of the Pagan Path as well as those of other religious and spiritual backgrounds, honor the time of the New Moon.  During this time, we have come from the darkest cycle of the dark side of the moon.  Yet as always, the dark time ends and a new cycle of light begins with the New Moon.  We have a new chance to begin something or continue again with something we’ve been working on but not yet completed.  The New Moon has always come in our time now on this beautiful blue planet we call Earth.  The dark times will come again too.  Let us all remember that these different times come for a reason. Each time represents different activities for us, each one no better than the other.  The dark times can be used most successfully to renew, regenerate, and make plans for the future.  But right now is the beginning of our new cycle, the New Moon, the time of new light coming in!   And let us rejoice in this time of the New Moon.   It is not a time to give up on promising things, things which have brought joy to your Spirit as you think of them.  It is a time to continue with those things you have not yet completed or to begin or bring in new things.   My question to you is what will you bring in to this new time right now?  What will you continue to bring in for yourself that was almost done but perhaps you have almost given up?  It is never time to stop bringing in your joy!  What is it that brings you joy?  Go do it, now!

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