Many of us have been raised as children to think we do not deserve to be completely happy and satisfied with ourselves (or others) unless we (or they) think a certain way and do certain things.  Those thoughts and actions usually have to do with perfecting ourselves and giving to others.  Neither of those things is a particularly unworthy ambition; however one need not keep the part about not being happy and satisfied.  Let’s face it.  Most of us have put in our time of self-loathing and/or judging others for not doing and thinking the “right” things as well.  It is far time we learn to love, or at least accept ourselves and others as we are, noticing the natural perfection that exists without having to do or think anything in particular. 


This is a kind of philosophy that is often proposed by many New Age thinkers today as well as being a part of Eastern thought and when considered seems to make sense to many of us.  Yet we persist in daily thoughts of judgment against ourselves and others which perpetuates unhappiness for all.  Try it on your pets to see how ridiculous it really is.  Take your cat for example.  Look at the cat and instead of seeing its beautiful hair and amazing ease of movement, judge it.  Its colors are not vibrant enough, it should respond more to your command, it does not eat when you decide it should, it is too skinny or too fat, etc.  When considered as such, these ideas seem absurd.  We may in reality wish our cat would conform to our commands but know that the cat is not ever going to be so inclined.  We may look to our cats and admire their independent spirit,  beauty and agility.  Now let us learn to apply it ourselves. 


First of all, each of us is unique.  You may have often heard that, but consider and look it at once again. We each have a unique set of DNA (unless we have an identical twin), and thus no one is exactly like us will, in all probability, ever again exist!  That is quite a statement to ponder.  However, at the same time, we have very much in common with other humans, all other humans.  Our species are far more individually related than most other species. Now consider both of those thoughts, our individual uniqueness along with our similarities to others.   We can see it in those to whom we are related.  For example you may look a little like both of your parents yet something more is there as well, perhaps from a ancestor in your gene pool who hasn’t lived on earth for a long time.  Or perhaps even, something new that never existed before!  You are a unique combination of the gene pool and it is probable that you may very well have some skill set that has yet to be developed.  And though you will start life learning what has already been learned by others, you will find out, if you wish, that you can add even more to it.  Or you may develop something that has not even yet been thought!  Who knows, you may very well become someone who has the answers to those questions that have yet to be answered such prosperity for all on earth, peace, harmony, etc. 


How will you know what your skills, your unique talents are?  You will find them in doing those things you most enjoy.  And by doing them you will develop them further, more than they have been developed so far by anyone else.  For example, you may find you enjoy yourself very much when you participate in a particular art form, say painting.  You may have begun by taking lessons and imitating other painters.  As you continue with it over a period of time, perhaps even years though a much shorter period is also possible, you find you have developed a particular style that others will notice immediately when they see one of your paintings.  It may be similar to a style of another artist, yet still it is unique.  If you continue, you may even find yourself developing a style that never existed.  Perhaps you even started with your own unique style, one that you or others laughed at.  Maybe if you look at it another way, you will see something in it you didn’t before.


These thoughts of developing a certain painting style can be applied to anything one enjoys from painting, to writing poetry, to mechanics, to even scientific study to mention just a few.


Unfortunately, many people never find out what the fruits of their unique talent are because they subscribe to the old thinking of only a few people have talent.  Many of today’s thinkers call it not allowing as well.   Allowing is perhaps the place where we first kill off our unique ideas and talents.  We may think of something and laugh secretly at ourselves for it.  Or we may think we are not capable of doing such a thing.  Or worse, we do this to others!  To allow something, one must open the mind and consider, from various points of view, and beyond!  All judgments must be abandoned.  This is the way the greatest thoughts and ideas have come about.  It is a childlike way of looking at things, with wonder and awe.  Look at yourself, at others and at your own ideas with wonder and awe.  Filter out your own negativity and that of others when you do this.   The great Dr. Wayne Dyer continues to say, “You get what you think.”  This is a simple but profound statement. 


So what are your thoughts today?   What do you want to get.  Do you want to get more of the same you have had so far, which very well may be a lot of what you may call “bad luck?”  Or will you consider doing what you really are, being the product of your own genetic makeup?  Have you even tried being your true self yet?  Or are you just a product of what society says you “should” be?  (There are even “accepted” models of what a rebel “should” look like!) Or have you accepted "disability" into your life, making yourself "incapable" of doing much of anything but to rely on others to do for you?  Will you consider giving yourself and the world the product of your own uniqueness?  If so, then start by pondering it, your uniqueness and that of others around you.  Lay aside your judging habits of yourself and others and look instead at the unique miracle of life around you and within you. Keep in mind to do this with the mind of a child, looking with wonder and awe.   Begin today to do something you truly enjoy and do it with wonder and awe.Allow yourself time it make take to develop.   Who knows where it will, eventually lead?  Who are you, really?



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