Is There a Coming Golden Age?



The nightly news reported last night that the NASDAQ was now up to 9000 with some recent history of stability.  It was reported as being due to changes in the world of finance and real estate.  As good a sign as that might be for improvement in our economy, the news was not all rosy.  Unfortunately, also reported was a drop in the stock of Microsoft and  Things may not be exactly perfect right now, but perhaps they are better. Many financial experts are reporting a return for the better in our economy beginning as early as next year. Life on Earth is very complicated at times, very involved with tremendous activities going on and never stopping.  None of us can say with 100 % certainty what will happen next.  Even the best psychics are only considered to be around 85% accurate at their finest.  And what about learning from our mistakes?  Isn’t it true the best learning happens when things are not going so perfectly well from us?  Isn’t that why many of believe to be the reason we have come into bodies in the first place?


When things are not going well, we don’t have a job, or we are working for a much lower wage than we are accustomed, or our businesses are not doing so well, whatever the situation, most of us are feeling the crunch right now.   Few if any would argue that the times are not very challenging right now.  In order to thrive and survive we are told by the wisest amongst us to learn from our past mistakes.  Here in the USA where we have become accustomed to getting at the very least, a wage that will provide us with the basics as a place to live, sufficient food and even a little extra, with only a little effort, or in many cases a very good wage, affording us an extremely good income when we “follow the rules carefully,” we have developed some very “spoiled child” kind of habits.  I see it myself as much as in others.  How often do you feel the “burden” of cleaning out the refrigerator, throwing out so many spoiled foods that we ignored and neglected to use wisely.  And how many perfectly fine clothing items do we have in our closets, gathering dust?  There are so many other examples. These so called “burdens of excess” are not of course burdens at all.  Real burdens would be to have to forage for food with no place to live among a harsh, perhaps even violent society around us, as is the case in many other places in the world.


Now is the time to learn from our past mistakes of excess, we are being told by the wise women and men of society today.  Learning from our past mistakes will mean bringing in a new kind of age, an age of prosperity along with a maturity and wisdom that has never been seen in recorded history.  However, in mythology such a time existed in ancient times.  “The Pagan Golden Age,” in mythology where this kind of time has already existed, was time of abundance and prosperity in a mature way.  This “way” was a time of that of matriarchy.  Matriarchy is often misunderstood and misinterpreted asthe reversal of Patriarchy with a time of women turning into men and becoming the bosses, like Patriarchy is now with men.  This is not at all what matriarchy is.  Matriarchy was a time of high regard for the Goddess and all that the Sacred, Divine Feminine represents with focus on egalitarianism.  So called “women’s work” was not looked down upon as it is now but was instead considered highly important and at least as equal to the so-called “men’s work” such as the hunting and more aggressive types of things.  The emotions of love and caring would be considered highly important; whereas, the emotions of anger, competitiveness and violence were considered something to be handled.  Something as important as organization of groups, as opposed to the rule by the most aggressive could never be entrusted to those using such vile emotions as competitiveness. anger and violence.   Instead, groups and structures (not “power” structures like we have today) would be formed by those seen as the most capable.  And the most capable would be those who proved themselves in demonstrations of their loving and caring feelings for the greater good of all. 

In today’s world, we see find that the most admired amongst us are people like those in the world of sports, rock stars, celebrities such as many comedians.  These are all fine people and I am sure among them are many wonderful and loving people.  However, those people most known for their history of demonstrated love, people, like the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa, etc. are very far from those so called “power people” who control the world currently.  Instead we have rulers throughout the world who still believe in power, control, government and war.


In a world where prosperity and abundance exist along with maturity and wisdom, we would have people like Dali Lama and Mother Theresa who organize groups which would provide the structure necessary to help society continue to create more prosperity, abundance and happiness for everyone. We would not have to have winners and losers because everyone could be a winner or presented with the assistance they need to become a winner.  We would have such structures in place of government and war and country.  The idea of “country” would be replaced by Earth, the place where we all live any how.   That is what matriarchy can bring.

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