Your Life Meaning, A Starting Point



During the 1980’s, I began a very intensive self-directed study of the teachings of mystics.  Though self-directed, I did find teachers (they came into my path, so I guess this student was ready), under whose direction I spent a great deal of time studying.  While attending a weekly session with a particular mystical teacher, I had a vision of going down my Path. I saw myself walking along a pathway but there were many snakes on both sides.  I knew there was a beautiful “goal” or some kind of “finish line” at the end, I could feel it and I know a part of it involved some kind of experience in the tropics, but I did not, at the time, see the end clearly.  With regard to the snakes, my teacher told me not to stop and talk to them because they would bite me.  I knew what that meant instinctively.  I knew it meant to keep my focus upon on the path and continue proceeding in the direction of the beautiful goal unobstructed by any distractions.


Since then, I have continued to remember that advice and have indeed so far had one experience in the tropics!   Unfortunately, once there, I forgot everything I learned and began again with the fear-thinking, negative thought patterns I had learned during my childhood.  That is the point where I was “talking with the snakes and they did indeed bite me.  But it was a valuable lesson I had to learn.


Now I am back moving again on my path and I saw myself this morning crawling along a path overgrown with weeds and thickets.  I knew it was far time to do a clearing.  I need to clip away all the overgrowth, the thickets and all.  I needed to clear my Path so I could again begin my journey.  Only this time it was going to better than ever.  I no longer intend to repeat, like the “Groundhog Day” movie, the same scenario.  I would not pause and talk to the “snakes” along the side, allowing them to bite me my while my beautiful pathway became cluttered and overgrown with weeds, thickets and debris breeding even more snakes.  Now I would clear it, perhaps rest a bit, and then get up and walk down that beautiful pathway right towards my goals. My goals now have become clearer and I now what I am going towards.  No longer are they blurry.  I have learned my lessons well.  I have no time to talk to snakes.  When I speak, I speak only to those beautiful souls and spirits around me who have my best interests at heart, or those who wish to learn from me.  But often I listen.  Another quality I am developing, listening is also something I ignored as a younger student.


But now I see the path and it is being cleared.  The clearing process has begun and the path way is bright.  I have learned to rest and to listen only to those who merit my ear.  I awaken from my beauty sleep, stretch, yawn and take my morning coffee.  As I fully awaken I see the Path there.  It has waited for me as I knew it would.  I am now ready.  I stand up and walk to it.  I begin to walk my Path.




You always knew, deep down, you were born to do something special.  That something special is the very reason you were born.  If you are reading this now, know that now is the time to begin to learn what your special purpose is.  You must start with a meditation.  To prepare yourself for it, find a comfortable place to relax, a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  You need to do this alone.  Prepare yourself by cleansing your body, preferably by taking a bath in Epson salts, perhaps with essential oil or herbal fragrances such as lavender or whatever your choice.  Put on comfortable, clean clothing. Lie down and close your eyes and take deep breathes.  Relax your entire body, using whatever method you need to do so.  Pause.  While you are gently breathing and very relaxed, ask what your purpose is?  Pause and listen.  Wait for the answer.  The first thing that comes into your mind is it.  Do not dismiss it. You have prepared properly.  You have done the work.  Your first thought is Truth for you. That is it.  That is your purpose.  Pause.  Breathe. Continue to relax.  Now see a Path before you.  That is your life Path.  See your purpose at the end of the pathway.  See a clear Path.  You know you need only to walk the pathway to get to your purpose.  When you are ready to do so, you will make your decision to do it.  Are you ready to walk your Path?  When will you be ready to do so?  If you are ready now, see yourself walking on the Pathway and notice what comes up for you? Those are your lessons, those things you must learn as you walk your Path.  They will be different for each person.  Stay with this as long as you like.  When you are ready, take a deep breathe, return slowly to full consciousness, opening your eyes.

Perhaps you wish to take a little time to write down your experiences.  Years from now, you will be grateful you did so.  They were valuable information about your life and you will be amazed at the accuracy of your visions.



This is a valuable meditation.  You will only find out how valuable when you see how your life enfolds from this years later.  You will recall how the images that came to you during this meditation, what happened as you walked down the path, become your life, your pathway.   As you continue to learn your own particular life lessons, you will see your own Pathway become more uncluttered and more illuminated.  Sometimes you will take a step back and find out you need to trust more.  As you do, things clear up; you become more focused on your Truth and life opens up for you. Most people have more than one goal and often, those goals will change throughout their lives.  When working on a particular Pathway, you will learn valuable lessons.  And each time you do so, whether the goal changes or you continue to work toward the same goal, new lessons will arrive as you have learned the old ones.


What have you discovered today as you did this meditation?  What is your life goal or goals?  What did your Pathway look like?  What images came to mind as you did this?  What lessons must you learn?  Write everything done and/or put it deep into your memory banks.  You will be amazed a few years from now as you recall the accuracy of this meditation.


Repeat this meditation in the future, no matter how “accomplished” or “wise” you think you have become.  You will always find that there is always more to learn and more to accomplish.

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