30 day weight loss program

If you are interested in doing the free 30 day program, go to my April archives to start with Day 1 Week 1.    Before starting, write down how you feel about yourself so far in life, and be honest as this is just for your eyes.  Put down what your usual, daily feelings are.  Put the note away some where and don’t read it until the end of the 30 day program.  Read the daily writings for the 30 days, preferably in the morning or whenever you start your day.  If you can, meditate/visualzie on the words and make them your own.  If you stick with it for 30 days, a remarkable change will occur.  Go read your note from when you started the program.  You will see a big difference.  And what’s more, this difference will occur in a subtle way.  You will be amazed.  And lastly, please let me know about your experiences. 
This "30 day program is part of a book I am completing as a companion to my original book on holsitic weight management.
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2 Responses to 30 day weight loss program

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  2. greanwitch says:

    Thanks for this great comment! I love to receive support too!

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