Creating Your World, Doing the Work



Some people think that things “just happen,” and they are the “victim” perhaps of the circumstances that just happened.  Others have confidence in their abilities to create the kind of life they want and as a result live wonderful a life.  These are the so called celebrities that many of us, “the rest of us” admire so much.  Many of us think they were just lucky.  Yet when their lives are examined, we find that notion is simply not true. Whether they got the idea themselves, were forced into by parents early on, they put in the work, the sweat, the time to create the kind of life they are now living.  The “rest of us” think it can’t happen for us.  We think they are different than us.  Not true.  We can all become like a “celebrity.”  We all have that in us.   And we too create our own worlds; they don’t just "happen."  But we “think” we have to create a “rest of us” kind of world. We are not aware that we too are putting in the work, the sweat and the time as well, but it is to create our own mundane kind of ho-hum world, the world we were told we can have.   And some of us have the very false and unfortunate idea that we are the victims of circumstances around us. When we do that, we deny the Divine possibilities we have within.  And those possibilities include the ability to learn how to change any unwanted circumstances of a present life and make/create the life we want.  Since those who doubt that hold so strongly onto those false, negative ideas, it may take some work, a learning curve, to find out how they/we can bring out our abilities to create things the way we want them. 


Creating one’s world, whether consciously or unconsciously done, begins after a few initial steps and decisions have been completed.  Choosing from a variety of possibilities, making the decision to create something, amazingly most will find that the way to create their choice will “come” to them.  We do this all the time but often we are not taught as children exactly what it is that we are doing with it.  For example, if you decide you wish to have a home entertainment center but don’t have the extra money, you have to at first make a decision that you will find a way to purchase it. The scenario may go like this.   After deciding perhaps on a price range you are willing to pay, you may consider all the possibilities of obtaining the sum of money needed such as putting aside extra money each time you are paid, checking out the possibility of buying a used one or waiting for it to go on sale, putting it on a credit card, etc.  Once you can “see” exactly the way you wish to purchase it, you make the decision to do so and do purchase it.  This is called an “activity or work plan.”  You have completed the process I am discussing here or some variation of it many times throughout your life, knowingly or unknowingly.  This process began with a thought which evolved into a series of thoughts which resulted in a series of action steps.  It doesn’t seem “magical” at all when we look at it this way.  Manifesting other kinds of things, such as a change of career,  a much better house, “prosperity,” etc. are all done in very much the same way; yet some of us have learned to have strong doubts around our abilities to have certain things.  The process is, however, basically the same:


Step to create your world the way you want it


  1.  Begin with the thought of something you want and choose it.
  2.  Look at the possibilities of how to get it and chose one of them.
  3.  Do the action steps to get thing you chose.  
  4.  Repeat and refine as necessary to manifest what you want.

 This is one of many of those simple yet profound kinds of things.  And though this is a formula for success, there are also a few other things involved here that I left out.  To start with, one must have the confidence that success is possible for the goal.  The whole idea of you get what you think is so true.  In other words, if you think you can your right, if you think you can’t your also right.  Another example of something I left out is that it not enough to do the work, it must be the right work.  You wouldn’t be putting the money aside in the street if you were trying to save it up for something.   That may sound foolish yet many of us go about taking a wrong action and then wonder why we didn’t get what we wanted.  This is all part of the learning curve.  You make mistakes, learn from them, and start again. These are the steps involved in the activity plan. 


All of this may sound like something you already know.  And that is exactly what I am saying; you do already know this because you are already doing it.  We may have learned this process at some time during our lives (though unfortunately at one end of the spectrum are adults who consider themselves completely at mercy of others, the total victims in our world) and feel confident in obtaining some things, such as purchasing food for example, but have no confidence in certain other things, such as vacationing in Brazil, purchasing a vacation home, etc. as other examples.  I often hear people say something like, “It is easy to do manifesting. I can always manifest a parking place for myself.”  To them w I say, "Great, you have learned to manifest a parking space.  Now, can you manifest prosperity?"    Perhaps we were taught as children what “level” to which we may aspire, not below or not above it. Whether the “teaching” was done consciously or unconsciously, we somehow learned that to think beyond on that, well, it’s just crazy, right?  No, that is not right!  Many of us were taught to become “the rest of us” when in actuality we all have something unique, something valuable to develop within and then share with the world.  And that is right! 


In order to do the work of creating our own world the way we want it, we must first of all have a strong confidence in our own ability to do it.  We may need some assistance from others to develop it or perhaps we will just do it ourselves.  That confidence comes from having a certain kind courage.  But courage does not mean you have no fear, no doubt.  That is a bunch of machismo crap, which is actually a kind of insecurity.  It takes great courage to admit ones mistakes.   Courage feels the fears, the doubts, whatever and yet dares to continue.  Courage learns from doing the wrong work and learns how to do the right work for the right task.  Courage gets up when done and starts over because one with true courage walks the path of life they know they were destined to walk.  They know they will have challenges and difficulties and even stops along the way.  But they learn from all of that and come back more knowledgeable and stronger than before.  They just get up from wherever it was they stopped, and start over again.  And just before they do, something “comes” to them.  That something is the Divine knowledge that is there and ready for us all.  We have only to be aware of it, to listen.


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