Kirstie Alley


Kirstie Alley appearing on an Oprah show today, showed great courage admitting her mistakes.  She talked about the obnoxious and rude behavior of paperatzi who called her “fat a*&” and other rude behavior.  Though she may not yet have discovered how to “break the code” of losing weight and maintaining the loss, she shows courage and convinction with her continued perserverance.


Unfortunately, many in the general public will no doubt continue to laugh at her, but many others will identify with her struggle.  Many of us have thought we could find a magic pill, formula, or code and then relax into old, poor and unhealthy eating habits.  There doesn’t really seem to be any so far.  Once again, the balanced holistic approach is perhaps the best way to do this. 

 If you have found your way here and would like to try it, my 30 day free program is here, in my archives beginning with April 09.



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